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Saturday, November 22, 2014



SALE PRICES will remain in effective until January 1, 2015

The Holiday Season is upon us - check out my HOLIDAY SALE on my ETSY STORE

Many recent paintings have been loaded onto my ETSY STORE - most of them done during the past 30 days - just for this HOLIDAY SALE --- I've been a busy ELF!!!!  :>)

This is a good opportunity to buy original art work at reduced prices.
In addition to my price reductions I will be Offering FREE SHIPPING during this Holiday Sale. Just click on "CONTACT SHOP OWNER" and send me an email in order to activate the FREE SHIPPING OFFER. 

All paintings are ORIGINAL ( NO PRINTS )

Only Professional acid free materials are used

This is a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping early while saving some serious CASH $$$$$$$$$$$$$

It has been said that a HOME without art work is merely a HOUSE.

Following is a link that will bring you directly to my ETSY SHOP

JR    :>)

Sunday, November 9, 2014


My DW (Darling Wife) Melissa and I have been busy this year writing our self-help book for new RVers and I'm happy to tell you that the book is DONE and available on AMAZON!

It's called Tips for New RVers:Catchin' the Dream. (Some of may remember that we named our Nexus Class C RV the Dreamcatcher). 

The book is for RV Newbies, as well as inexperienced and wanna-be RVers, though some experienced RVers who've read it say there is a lot of information in there that really helped them too! We've tried to make it both practical and entertaining, because if you can't have fun, why bother??

We've set up a book website, TipsforNewRVers.blogspot.com, which provides information about the book and about us. You can find it HERE.

Here's our book blurb,  which will give you a pretty good idea of what we were going for:

When we got the RVing bug, we were total Newbies. We'd never had an RV, a camper or even a tent for that matter! Now we are experienced RVers who lived and traveled full-time in our Class C that we named the Dreamcatcher, figured things out as we went along, had good days and bad days and are willing to share what we learned so that maybe you can avoid a few mistakes and generally stay out of trouble, divorce court and jail.
Our book introduces new, inexperienced and potential RVers to basic aspects of RV life. It's not a detailed, nitty-gritty how-to book; rather it’s meant to give readers an overview and answer a variety of basic questions about life on the road. The idea is to help you get your feet wet before you dive into the deep water! We hope it will help to shorten your learning curve, lessen your fears and entertain you a little bit too. Most of all, we hope it encourages you to catch your own RV dreams and make them come true. 

We'd appreciate it if you would share the news of our book with your followers, family and friends who might be interested.  The book is available in print and as an ebook for Kindle, and you can find it HERE.