This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

YO - YO - Again - Again


Still in my Southwest frame of mind but I'm due for a change soon - most likely back into ocean scenes again and maybe a still life or two.

During the early 90's was the first time my wife and I went to Arizona.  She was on a business trip and since I was retired I also went.  For any IRS investigators or snitches out there we paid for my expenses out of our own pocket!!!

During this trip we went up to Sedona and the area had had a major flood a few months prior to our arrival.  We could not believe the damage left behind - massive trees were 50 - 100 ft from their original location next to the creek - massive boulders were piled up in sections of the creek.  An unbelievable site for sure.

Following is a painting just finished which depicts Oak Creek in a more peaceful state.

Creek Side - Oak Creek - Sedona
9 X 18

The red rocks of Sedona are perhaps the most beautiful site I've ever seen.  I love the desert and the warmer and drier it is the more I like it.  Such a beautiful and peaceful place - yes at times very hot - but one does not need to spend all day out there!!!  :>)

Abandoned Desert Trail
6 x 18

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JR      :>)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Missing the Southwest - Still

YO - YO,

Still missing my beloved Southwest. Sedona is perhaps one of if not the most beautiful area of the southwest I have been to. We lived in N. Scottsdale for 7 years, exhibited in Sedona and spend many hours plein air painting all around the town.

6 x 24 on heavy linen paper - Chroma Interactive acrylics - alla prima - dry brush done quickly with emotion.

6 X 24

We hope to take a trip back to AZ in 2015 and stay for a month - longer if possible.

Remember - stay cool - be cool - smile at people - they will appreciate it and you will feel better!

JR      :>)

Thursday, May 22, 2014


YO - YO,

Well I'm missing the desert once again so it's time to get a fix by painting a desert scene!!

Taos is a beautiful area of New Mexico - a little too cold and snowy in the winter for me, but the other 3 seasons it is an artist's paradise!!  The high desert is one of the most beautiful places to be if you can't be in the low desert.  The plant life is much different than the low desert as most of the low desert plants cannot live in the frigid cold winter temperatures of the high desert.
Taos has an amazing downhill ski center as does Santa Fe.

8 x 24 on heavy linen paper - dry brush - alla prima - color mixing done directly on the painting surface and I use more of a "blending" technique then an actual "mixing" process.  That is to say if I blend 3 separate colors I want all three of them to be visible in the blended result.

8 X 24

With the sun being so bright in this area of NM the colors brought forth by all the mountains, and vegetation is just amazing - from the lightest of pinks to the darkest of blues and greens.


JR      :>)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello my friends,

I came across some paintings of Thomas Moran who was a very famous American landscape painter and printmaker 2/12/1837 - 8/25/1926.  The following painting I did using his painting as my model.

16 x 20 

This painting has way more detail than I normally put into my landscapes as most of you know my style is a painterly loose style.  Off and on I do more detail just so I won't forget how to paint it but I don't make a habit of it :>)

Although I enjoy this more detailed style I find my loose painterly style to be way more enjoyable, lots more fun and I like the results better. The paintings have movement - bold - bright - juicy color is of course due to the spontaneity of brush strokes.

As a comparison, I did a painting in my loose painterly style.  This scene was taken from a Karen Margulis painting.  She is a wonderful pastel artist who I study because of her loose painterly style.  She is a wonderful teacher and her blog offers some wonderful material and teachings.

Color Me Caribbean
12 x 24

It is with this style of loose & painterly that I define myself.

Later Dudes

:>)     JR

Monday, May 12, 2014



Do artists get BORED?? Of course they do!!!! They also get MIND BLOCK!!!! When I get mind block I paint as quickly and as sloppy as I can, with an empty mind - not even thinking of painting and just let the brush do its thang!!
When I get bored - I do different things. Today I decided I was bored so I did a painting 8 x 24 with ONE BRUSH. Normally I try to use the biggest brushes I can - in this way THE DREADED DETAIL IS ELIMINATED!!!.

Today I used ONE small brush for the entire painting - but painted with lightening speed.

"Painted Desert - near Holbrook AZ"
8 x 24

I'm no longer BORED!!!!

JR    :>)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


My blog started out as a documentary of our life living full time in a 31 foot RV travelling us USA & Canada.  Medical issues forced us off the road, to sell the RV and establish a place to live.  We ended up in Punta Gorda FL when our RV journey came to an early end so liking it here we stayed!

It's been almost a year and a half now and although our RV journey is but a sweet memory never to be forgotten we find ourselves stationary as most families are but yet not feeling grounded.  We have been enjoying the renting of a nice condo and not missing the maintenance and issues of home ownership but yet over time a void seems to have enter our life.

Simply put from my point of view - if I can't be travelling the USA and living in the RV full time, then I want to have my "STUFF" back!!!!  When we hit the road we got rid of a lot of "STUFF" and we sold a lot of  "STUFF" and we donated a lot of "STUFF!!"  Fact is most of us have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

However that said and I just said it ------- we still have a 10 x 10 storage unit back in Santa Fe NM loaded to the brim with "STUFF!!!!  What is in there?  STUFF we could not let out of our ownership - "STUFF" that was too precious - too sentimental to let go.

Front to back side to side floor to ceiling - STUFF -STUFF - STUFF :>(

Soooo now after a year and 1/2 we find ourselves wanting our "STUFF BACK!!!!"

Soooo we are in the throws of looking at home ownership once again so we can fill up a place with our "STUFF."  Much cheaper to own than rent!!!

Florida is a weird place to buy a house - so we are finding out - LOTS & LOTS of Bank owned property, LOTS & LOTS of short sales, LOTS & LOTS of homes left abandoned and ready for auction.
Most of Florida ( this area at least ) is in a FLOOD ZONE - this requires FLOOD INSURANCE which ain't cheap!!!

Most of the homes we have looked at, although reasonable prices, need $30k to $50k  of needed work before most of them are what we would call livable.  Where are the Property Brothers when you need them????  :>) 

So the search continues and it looks like it may continue-continue-continue :>( 

In the meantime I continue to throw paint and enjoy the quiet life in Southwest Florida :>)

Coastal Waters - No. III
18 x 24 - Brush & Palette Knife

Coastal Waters No. IV - Safe Harbor
9 x 18 - Brush & Palette Knife

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  So HOP TO IT!!!!

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JR   :>)

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Yo my friends,

Just wanted to let you know that during the period of 5/1/14 through 6/21/14 I have reduced prices on some of my recent ocean/beach scenes.  This is a pre-summer sale and I will be adding paintings to this sale as time goes on.  In the title of these drastically reduced the following words will appear:


These are very recent paintings - most of them being done within the past 2 weeks.  I love the summer time so I figured a SALE would be a great way to have a pre-celebration of summer being on its way.

Following is an example of a couple of these pieces.

11 X 14
Canvas Panel

( This is our favorite beach and we go here whenever we can )

6 X 24

Heavy Linen Paper

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Take care - enjoy life and I'll be back 

JR     :>)