This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Autumn Prevails No. I - II - II - IV - V

Yo Blog Buddies,

I'm  a couple of days early this week - I did not figure you would mind - I just may do a double post this week.

Autumn Prevails No. I  -  II  -  III - IV - V

Not sure why I started a series of autumn paintings - maybe it's the hot humid weather of a Florida summer (although we have not found it bad at all.)  In our opinion the best time in southwest Florida is mid October through May - great weather - warm enough most days to go to the beach and great for sitting outside as the humidity goes away.
These paintings are what I call Land Escapes - they can also be called Mind Escapes.  They were thought up in my head and presented as places that I would like to go and just sit around and enjoy the views.

OK - enough of the jibber-jabber------------------------------------------

No. I

No. II



No. V

Hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I did painting them - any questions just click on the email link at the beginning of the blog.  If you have an interest in one of the pieces email me and I'm sure we can agree on a price that will keep the both of us smiling.

JR    :>)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WEEK OF 7/21/13

Yo my friends,

Well it's been about a week give or take a day or two or three or whatever!!!  :>)

I lose track of time - retired folks do that quite often - they have a clock that shows what day of the week it is - I may get one of these!!!  :>)

Christian Bergeron is my favorite Quebecois artist. Roger Cantin is perhaps my second most favorite - he is know for his Quebec houses which he paints with "melancholic softness" and lots of blue tones in his work. His landscapes do not contain the bright, bold, sassy color of some Quebecois artists however Cantin has been named one of the Canadian Masters.

I have started to study Roger Cantin's work and this painting his based on his style and color with some of my own techniques and style and color put into the piece.

9 x 12

"The Gloom Of Winter" 

Done on heavy linen paper with Chroma Interactive Acrylic alla prima very quickly with gusto - spontaneity and my love for the Quebec countryside.

Quebec Mansard
11 x 14
Painted in the Quebecois Painterly style with some of Roger Cantin's style as interpreted into my style

A Distant Taos NM

6 X 22

This painting was done using mostly dry brush technique and two brushes - below

Waterton Lakes National Park - Canada.  This park  is the Canadian half of Glacier National Park - the two together form what is know as "international Peace Park."

Hope y'all enjoyed these and if you have any questions regarding the paintings just email me - link at top of blog - and I will answer you.

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See YA next time

JR   :>)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Highlights of the week

Yo my blog buddies,

Well, I had a busy week and will show you guys some of what I consider the highlights.  I've been in sort of a quiet phase so I won't bore you with a lot of unnecessary and meaningless jibber-jabber.  For those of you who follow me on a regular basis know that I'm working on developing my Quebecois style which is coming along and a style that I really enjoy.  I swap paintings with several Canadian artist and they seem to really enjoy my Quebecois paintings and I think the fact that "locals" are giving me very favorable critiques sort of validates my efforts in developing this style as credible.

Big Sky - West Glacier Montana
9 x 12 

Port au Persil - Quebec
11 x 14

A Distant Taos NM
6 x 22

This painting was done with these 2 brush mostly with a dry brush technique

A semi-abstract piece  - Sunset - Ice Clogged Saint Lawrence River 
from Ile d' Orleans
4 x 22

Hope y'all enjoyed this presentation and as always - any question just ask (email link at beginning of blog) - any interest in a painting - use the email link as well.

Back in a week or so>

JR    :>)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Painting high lights of the past week

Hello my  friends,

I've been working with a certain style of painting which primarily is found in the French speaking parts of Quebec Canada.  It is termed Quebecois Painterly style.  It is sort of a rustic style whereby forms are presented in a very loose manner - such as roof lines the are somewhat sagging and windows are not all that straight - it loosely depicts the countryside of Quebec with the use of bright colors and free flowing strokes.

"Quebecois No. XII"

I've been missing the southwest and the desert - this is sort of a semi-abstract rendering of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix AZ.

Camelback Mountain - The other side

I've been trying to overlook winter for years now - managed to do it for 7 years while living in Arizona and and will accomplish that while here in Florida - so I decided to do a very quick painting titled


Hope you enjoyed these pieces and if you have any questions or are interested in any paintings click on my email address at the beginning of the blog and I will respond to your inquiry.

I put in a couple of extra pieces this week and cut down a bit on the jibber jabber :>)

I will be back in about a week .

Enjoy your week

JR       :>)

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Yo Friends,

A very short post - 15 minutes of fun this morning - done alla prima - dry brush - with gusto and emotion of strokes ----- just for the fun of it :>)

9 x 12 on canvas sheet
"Semi abstract - Voyage into a palm forest"

Have a great day.

JR    :>)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Abandoned in Charlevoix - Quebec Canada

Hello Blog Buddies,

I have decided to change up the format of my blog once again - just to keep things interesting.  ( I hope )  For many, many  years I posted daily demos of my paintings and explained my process of painting.  This quite honestly became way too time consuming and based on the lack of interactive chatter from the viewers of my blog - I stopped doing this.
Next I kept my posting to once a week instead of daily and posted demos of several paintings I did during that week - this seem to work out although viewer response ( with a standing invitation to do so ) was once again lacking ( as in the complete absence thereof. )

More on this later in the post.

9 x 12 

The Charlevoix region, located in Quebec, includes parts of the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains region of the Canadian Shield. This dramatic landscape includes rolling terrain, fjords, headlands and bays; the region was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1989.
We always tour this area as there are many artists who have their gallery in their home and although their work is more "RUSTIC" than the artists in most "City Galleries" it is a style that makes one think of countryside rusticity.  Some of it is quite chunky and perhaps clunkie but it is true Canadian art expressed by some very talented folks.

The region was named after Pierre Fran├žois-Xavier de Charlevoix, a French Jesuit explorer and historian who traveled through this region in the 18th century. The community of La Malbaie was known as the first resort area in Canada. As early as 1760, Scottish noblemen Malcolm Fraser and John Nairn hosted visitors at their manors. For much of its history, Charlevoix was home to a thriving summer colony of wealthy Americans, including President William Howard Taft.

Painted on heavy linen paper - alla prima - brush and palette knife with lots of gusto & emotion. This is painted in a Quebecois painterly style which is a style of painting used primarily by the French speaking local artists of Quebec.  Painted with emotion - freedom of stroke and rusticity.

Starting with this blog post I will continue posting weekly - but - I will only post one or two paintings - the ones that I think represent my best work during the past week.
My purpose for blogging has changed from that of teaching to that of trying to get my work out to the public with the hopes that a piece or two may catch the eye of a potential buyer.  With the ongoing sluggish economy sales are few and far between - however one still needs to try.

Unfortunately Punta Gorda is what I call an "ART DEFICIENT" community.  Meaning art galleries of substance are non-existent so therefore outlets to sell are missing from this wonderful little town.

In the near future I hope to investigate Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa and Naples which are sort of "Big Cities" with an understanding of the "art scene" as compared to charming little Punta Gorda.

I Would not want to live in these "Big Cities"  - too big ---- too busy not my THANG!!!
Hope you enjoy this posting - if you have any questions, feedback, input or interest in a painting - email me - the link is at the beginning of the blog -

Hope you enjoyed - I'll be back next week.

JR     :>)