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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hellos Blog Buddies,

Well our first full day in Quebec and we went into the lower city.  It is sooooo nice to be back here!!!!  Took lots of photos but WiFi is so slow that I cannot post them but will as soon as we find faster WiFi.

Went into a lot of our favorite shops and of course my favorite galleries - so far about 10 of them.  I just love the style of the local Canadian painters - I may try a few in their style!!!

We had a great lunch at one of our favorite restaurants which specializes in RABBIT!!!  Yes RABBIT!!!  The first time we ever ate here I got the rabbit pie and MAN was it ever good!!!!!  Taste like chicken!!!  I did however notice that the following Easter my basket was EMPTY!!!!!!!!  So this time I got a shrimp dish!!!  Before we leave however I will get the rabbit pie once again!

Tomorrow we are going to Baie St. Paul one of our very favorite little villages about 1 hour+ east of our location.  Great scenery - shops - and of course galleries.

Have been taking lots of photos of barns - here on Ile d' Orleans there are many, many great old barns.  In prior visits here I have done paintings of many of these barns and hope to do them again.

Soooo I hope to be able to post pictures soon - just have to find a better outlet for WiFi as the one here at the campground is too slow to upload photos!


JR     :>)

Monday, July 30, 2012


Yo my friends,

We are in Quebec and WiFi is just HORRID.  We are at McDonalds now using their WiFi but can't do this too often as it is a bit of a drive.  So until I find another outlet for WiFi you may not be hearing much from me during the next 3 weeks.  Can't even get WiFi at the campground - we have complained but -------------- Ya Right!!!!!

So all is well here and I hope all is well with youse guys.

JR     :>)

Friday, July 27, 2012



We have a new 1st place CHOWDA!!!!!  The CHOWDA here at the Moncton Pub In the Moncton Casino Moncton New Brunswick  is the best tasting, the thickest and it is loaded with scallops, haddock, shrimp, crab.  You could dam near stand your spoon up in it!!!!

This is going to be very had to beat!!!!!!!

WOW ----- BRAVO!!!!!!!!



Yo my friends,

Well, here we are at the Casino in Moncton New Brunswick Canada and tapped into their WiFi!

First part of the drive was in the rain but then after about 2 hours or so it cleared and here in Moncton the sun is out - our RV is all set up and we are in the lounge - Melissa ordered nachos and I the seafood  CHOWDA!!!

The stay is FREE - however they do like you to spend some money - so the food in the pub is a good start and we will most likely get $20 and play the slots.  When the $20 is gone, so are we!!!!

We filled up with gas and propane when leaving Nova Scotia so the propane will run the refrigerator - heat and our batteries will run the lights when needed tonight - mostly to get ready for bed.

Soooooo my battery is low but i just spotted an electrical plug here in the pub so I'll plug in and charge it for a while and perhaps write some more.  Our nachos and CHOWDA just arrived so it's time to eat!!!!!

JR    :>)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yo my blog buddies,

Well we got our "departing chores" done this morning and then went over to "our park" and stayed a while and said our farewell.


My DW the author resting in the park she found for us

Canadian Flag and the flag of Nova Scotia 

My DW and founder of "our Park"


The Library Staff has been so nice to us, giving us full membership to the library and let me tell you, they have great WiFi and it is FAST!!!!  It is also FREE.
We are here right now finishing up our email and web searching as tomorrow we will be travelling all day and   our overnight stay at  in Moncton New Brunswick will not have WiFi unless I can tap into the Casino WiFi. 

Soooo until my next blog post enjoy your Friday and your weekend and smile and be happy - it's easy to do.

Did you know that it takes less facial muscles to smile than to frown?  Trust me that is the truth!!!

JR   :>)

Last day in Nova Scotia

Good morning my friends,

Well, our month in Nova Scotia is just about over with.  We depart early tomorrow (Friday) morning on a 2 1/2 day journey to Ile d' Orleans Quebec Canada, arriving Sunday. Ile d' Orleans is an island in the St. Lawrence River just off the shores of the Old City.  We love Old Quebec City - having gone there many, many times when we lived in Maine.  We did a lot of cross country skiing at Mont St. Anne as well as touring during the Autumn.  It is our Paris.  Ile d' Orleans is one of our favorite spots - so we will be in an RV park on Ile d' Orleans for three weeks.  There are many little villages and hamlets in this area and most of them within a short driving distance of the park.  Baie St. Paul is one of our favorites.

Yesterday I got quite a few of the preparation of leaving chores done - all the fluids in the truck and the car checked for proper levels as well as all the air pressure checked in all the tires 6 on the RV and 4 on the car.  Today we'll do a laundry and stock up with some fresh water on-board - about 10 gallons.  Our first stop after about a 5 hour journey will be at a casino in Moncton New Brunswick.  Most casinos will let RVs stay free overnight in there parking lots.  This is the real boondocking as there will be no electrical hookup or water or sewer hookups.  We have 2 heavy duty batteries for our 12V supply and this will run our lights and water pump and furnace fan.  So the fresh water we put on-board today will be used here.  Our 2nd day stop will be in Edmundston New Brunswick right on the Quebec border.  This will be at a Provincial campground and there we will  have electrical and water hookup.  We should roll onto Ile d' Orleans mid day Sunday - there we will have full hookups - electric - water - sewer, and begin our 3 week stay.

After finishing the rest of the "preparation chores" today, we will sit in "our park" for most of the afternoon - saying farewell to it and then go say farewell to "our library" and all the nice folks that work there.

Soooo a fun day ahead - a certain sadness in leaving Nova Scotia the journey for the past month has been wonderful with lots of great sights and all in all a very enjoyable time.  The campground lacked a lot but the one thing it had going for it was location-location-location.  We spent most days out of the campground enjoying the area.

I will be without WiFi for the first two days, not getting it back until Sunday - so Friday and Saturday you most likely will not hear from me - although I may be able to "tap" into the casino WiFi - we'll see!  :>)

Soooo - take care, enjoy the days ahead and until next post - ENJOY LIFE!!!

JR      :>)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, the sky cleared - the sun came out - and we went to Mahone Bay.

This place has great food and pastry!!!

Melissa got a Thai noodle salad

I got an apple wood smoked sausage

Splashes of color in the outside dining area

Main street 

Quiet harbor on a week day

I love strawberry/rhubarb pie and finally found one!!  This was a GREAT PIECE OF PIE!!! 

I really liked Mahone Bay and I may just come back some day in the future!!!!  :>) 

Well my friends we said our farewell to Mahone Bay -  later today I'll do some departure chores and tomorrow we'll do a laundry and the rest of the departure chores and go spend some time at "our park" and say farewell to this lovely spot.

Enjoy the evening my friends.

JR      :>)  



As a side note to my posting of this morning - there is a TV series called HAVEN which is a Stephen King production.  The series is suppose to take place in Maine but is filmed here in Nova Scotia.   Last summer King was here in Hubbard NS for most of the entire summer.  There is a church at the end of our street and he uses that in the production - there is a park across from the church and they film there as well - and they were filming there last week.  Additional they have been filming out at the point on the beach.  Well, this week end and this week they have been filming at a restaurant The Shore Club at the entrance to our RV location.  Melissa took several photos during one of the shoots and you can see that on her blog at:

Pretty exciting EH!!!!

Yo my Blog Buddies

Good morning,

Well - here it is Wednesday a day closer to our departure day on Friday!

Last night for quite a long period we had torrential downpours of rain - it sounded like at least 1/2 inch per hour!  Of course the top of the roof only being 7 ft away, the sound is amplified at bit - but it really-really rained!!!

A cloudy showery day is forecast again for today - so we may wait until tomorrow when clearing is forecast for our return trip to Mohone Bay - our favorite little town on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

There is a cafe' next to the library and the fellow who owns it is quite a good cook!  Last week we ordered a lasagna with home made noodles and man it was delicious - it did us 2 meals!!!  Yesterday after Melissa's reading we ordered one of his chicken pies.  He'll make it today and cook it for us and we'll pick it up at 4:00.  This will be dinner for tonight and Thursday night.  His wife makes a great dark chocolate cake so we'll get 2 pieces of that as well.  He cooks it for us as running the oven in the RV really heats it up as well as condensation on the windows (propane) creates that!  Also we are low on propane - he offered to cook it for us as he did with the lasagna - so we give him a couple of extra dollars.  We'll just need to warm it up a bit before eating.

The people here are so friendly - a people proud of their town, their country and their contribution to to life -
they say hello - they smile and seem to be almost stress- less and one thing I noticed, the adults and kids do not have their eyes and thumbs glued to their phones or other electronic devices.  In a way it is like stepping back in time a bit where people communicated with one another using their voice, not a text message.  I have to say it's been very pleasant surroundings compared to the hustle and bustle and hassle of the states.  Seems to be a much quieter and simple life style.  Halifax being a pretty good size city, I made the same observations.

Well based on what the weather does, that will determine our day - a journey or a veg out day, doing some preparation for our Friday departure.

Have a good day and remember - speak to people - smile at people (they may think you are weird) but - do it anyways!!!!

JR     :>)      

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good morning my friends

Yo blog buddies,

Well - the sky is cloudy today and the forecast is for showers off and on.  This morning we go up to the library and Melissa is going to do a reading of selected parts of her novel "The Christmas Village" to a gathering of kids.  Should be fun!  I'll try and get some photos - most parents do not want photos taken of their kids and I will take them only if I can just show the backs of their heads.

After that we'll see what the weather is like and if not any showers, we may go off to Mahone Bay for one last visit and some treats for the freezer to have on our 2 1/2 day drive to Old Quebec City.  There was a great bakery in Mahone Bay so we (I) can't pass that up!  If showers are going on, we'll come back to the RV and get some of the inside "get ready to depart" chores done.

All in all a quiet day me thinkith - which is nice to have once in a while.

Soooooo take care and have a great day my blog buddies.

JR      :>)


Monday, July 23, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well we just returned from Chester did a lot of walking around and had a great lunch!!

Here are some photos of CHESTER & LUNCH!!!!

Harbor photos - small harbor but lovely

Today was sailing lesson for kids

This is where we ate lunch

Nice big delicious LOBSTA roll $14.95 a bargain!!!  We lived in Maine for 20 years and we know LOBSTA rolls and this is the best one we have ever had!!!

Nice baked goods - which we bought some of these also

Chester only has one main street and this is ti - just our kind of town

A splash of color of course!

Well, along with Mahone Bay, Chester is our other favorite little towns in this area of the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Hope you enjoyed - we are in the library parking lot tapped into their WiFi and shall now go across the street to "Our park!!""

JR     :>)


Yo my blog buddies,

Well Sunday in "our park" was wonderful - very relaxing and the concert from 3 - 5 was great.  Following are some photos of the concert as well as the view from my chair in the park.  The park is in a cove with a small marina right there.  Melissa found this park and what a great find it was - we go there most every afternoon - it is quiet and peaceful.

Well - today looks like a nice sunny day so we will do an early laundry this morning and then head down to Chester to walk around and have one of those lovely LOBSTA rolls we saw the other day!!!

Starting today and for the rest of the week Mon - Thur we need to do "DIS & DAT" types of things inside and outside the RV to get ready for our departure on Friday morning.  We have a whole check off list from checking the fluids in the RV and the car as well as the tire pressure in both and on and on the list goes so a few things each day and come departure day we will be all set!

Enjoy the day my friends and be good to yourself today!

JR     :>)