This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yo my friends,

Some times an artist goes into a "dark stage" caused by many different reasons. We have been having sort of a monsoon weather pattern for the past week or so here in SW Florida - downpours and winds most every afternoon - not lasting long but almost like clock work. We had a monsoon flow in AZ and NM as well but not as much rain as here in Florida.
"Monsoon Storm Approaches Oak Creek Sedona AZ"
6 x 12 done very quickly in a semi abstract style

Florida has a monsoon flow most all summer long with sometimes very high winds and rain at 1 inch per hour - as I say the storms do not last long so it's more of an inconvenience than anything else - however it sure is good for the ground and fire danger!!!  Hurricane season here starts June 1 and ends November 1 so these monsoon little storms are nothing compare to the havoc a hurricane can cause!!

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Check out my ETSY STORE for original paintings
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Detail vs No Detail

Yo my friends,

A very good friend is taking up painting again and she loves the detail process of painting.  Whereas I do not like detail at all and am a firm believer in "LESS IS MORE."  My friend would spend hours just working on the fronds of a palm tree whilst I would give a swipe or two of a big brush and let it go at that thereby letting the viewer complete the vision of a palm frond in their mind.  So although I have been painting with her, she enjoys some of my work but of course does not overly care for my style nor me hers.  This is good as we can do our own thing and compare paintings at the end of a session.

 Note:  We both paint the same scene at the same time.

However - I buy sheets of heavy linen paper 18 x 24 and am able to cut them down to whatever size I like.  I prefer to paint BIG --- 18 x 24 or larger such as 24 x 36 and 24 x 48 but being on a fixed income it is difficult to afford those large canvases.

I'm running low on my linen paper so I have been cutting them down to 6 x 12 or 12 x 24 thereby getting more paintings out of one sheet.  I'm enjoying the 6 x 12's as it is giving me a chance to put in what I call "loose detail" such as palm trees in the far distance.  Just an indication of palm fronds but the viewer clearly sees them as palm trees and associated fronds.

I'm having fun with this and of course at the same time conserving my paper usage until such time I can order more.   I wonder if social security is going to get a raise this year?

12 X 6

Palm Grove
6 x 12

Thanks for LOOKIN' 

JR       :>)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yo my Friends


My mind has wandered off into the desert again.  There are times that a painter just wants to paint what ever cones to mind.  No preparation, no sketches or drawings, no predetermined color scheme - just paint from the heart and leave the mind out of the equation.  I call it "Mindscape" painting - a landscape from the mind.

The first one is:

"Desert Mindscape No. I"
12 x 24

The second one is:
Desert Mindscape No. II - High Desert
6 x 24

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Check out my ETSY STORE for original paintings
Find affordable fine art prints of my paintings, as well as originals at


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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Folks


WORKING ON MY TREES!!!! Oak trees are very common in Florida and according to the local conservation authority they wish people would stop planting them as there are too many. They are not very friendly - causing all kinds of allergies in folks ( me included ) and most of the roots only go a couple of inches under the soil - as well as on top of the ground - thereby infiltrating slabs and knee-walls of houses.There always seem to be palm trees near oaks


The Gulf Coast of Florida offers many many painting opportunities.  Sanibel Island is a beautiful location known for its green waters and is a haven for shell collectors.  With an abundance of sunshine down here all the little sparkles in the sand give off millions of colorful reflections and provide a rainbow of changing color.

Color Me Sanibel
8 x 24

I hope you enjoyed this post and soon I'll be back!!!

 Make sure you go through life smiling as it takes less facial muscles to smile than it does to frown!!  And that's the TRUTH!!!!

JR      :>)