This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Continuing with local ocean scenes

Hello my friends,

Well I'm still on my Gulf Coast of Florida ocean scenes.  I really enjoy painting these - I find them to be very relaxing and soothing so I continue in this direction for a while.

Sanibel No. II
6 x 18

Sanibel No. III
5 x 15

Anna Marie Island No. I
9 x 18

Anna Marie island No. II
8 x 18

Anna Marie Island No III
9 x 18

Hope you enjoyed these SW Florida scenes and I will be back in about a weeks time with some more paintings to post.

For you followers in the winter climates - keep warm and above all keep smiling as these frigid temperatures and snow can't last forever!!

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JR    :>)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More cold temperatures in Florida

Hello my friends,

Well another couple of cold fronts are moving over Florida so night time temps into the low 40's and day time into the mid 50's - 60's BUMMER!!!!


For some reason my mind has been on ocean scenes and their surroundings - not sure why but that's OK with me as I love the ocean!

Scenes of Sanibel No I
9 x 12 on single sheet of canvas in a semi abstract - semi painterly style

Beach Breach
9 x 12 on single sheet of canvas in a semi abstract - semi painterly style

Gulf of Mexico - Fusion
18 x 12 on heavy linen paper

Palm Cove Surf
9 x 12 on a single sheet of canvas done very quickly as a study for a larger piece

Well - I hope you enjoyed this weeks postings and I should return in about a week with some new ones.

Take care - enjoy life and smile as it takes less facial muscles than frowning!!!

JR    :>)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello my friends

Well another week has rolled around and as usual I've been busy painting.  The weather here in Florida has been plagued with cold fronts moving through so cloudy and chilly which is not the norm for this time of year.  Needless to say I've been spending a lot of time in front of the easel!!

Here are some highlights of the week:

Palm Cove Surf
9 x 12

Every once in a while I need to throw paint with wild abandonment in order to keep and progress my loose semi abstract style.  This piece was done very, very, very quickly with a big brush and really no planned colors or composition.
I started with a 3 minute sketch with my brush in tones of gray.  This helps cut down on the glare from the white canvas and allows me to judge values much better.

I started a series of semi abstract pastures/fields - here are the first two

Green Pasture - Green Sky
12 x 18

Semi Abstract
Wheat Pasture - Wheat Sky
12 x 18

Tasmania Surf
6 x 18

Apollo Bay - Victoria Australia
9 x 12

This was done using only a palette knife

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and the good Lord willing I'll be back in about a week with some more pieces.

Enjoy life - stay happy and get into each day with a big smile and lots of gusto!!!

JR  :>)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Paintings of the week

Yo my friends,

Another cloudy - windy - chilly day in Punta Gorda FL.  It's starting to get BORING!!!  Weather is suppose to be back into the low 80's come the weekend.  :>)  I'm A so happy :>)

While on our RV journey we met a fellow named Steve Conrad and his wife Evin.  Steve is quite a good photographer and I've use several of his photos for my paintings.

This is a painting of his photo of a sunset in the Florida Keys:

Sunset - Florida Keys

9 x 18

I've started down a new path of course in addition to the existing paths and series I'm working on.  I like to make painting interesting - I have lots of fun painting so I'm open to try new things.

The next 2 paintings are in a way I guess a style change but yet I would still consider it within the realm of my semi-abstract - loose - painterly style.

12 x 24

I actually wanted this painting to sort of "shock" the viewer with both the sudden splash of color as well as the complimentary color of green to highlight and push the tree forward

12 x 18

This painting is done in more of a painterly style and has complimentary color as well.  The purple makes the yellow trees jump out into the foreground and the couple of splashes of red at ground level augments the green grass

Distant Mesas
6 x 12

This piece was done very quickly with palette knife only - this does border on abstract :>)

This painting is part of the "Solitude" series and it is also a "mindscape" meaning it is a vision in my mind that represents Solitude.

Solitude No. VI - Quiet Surroundings

Hope you enjoyed this blog posting and remember if any questions feel free to email me - link is at the beginning of my blog.
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I should return in a week or so and until then - enjoy life - smile - appreciate what you have and most of all LAUGH!!!

JR     :>)