This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chamisa Field

11 x 14 on heavy linen paper - done in a loose painterly style with palette knife and brush using professional Chroma Interactive acrylics - spontaneity in stroke and form.

Chamisa is a colorful desert plant displaying many shades of yellow - found a lot in New Mexico.  It resembles the Brittle-bush plant of the Arizona desert.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the Southwest.

JR      :>)


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Summer Memories - Cape Cod No. I & II

Yo - my wife and I have a lot of memories from Cape Cod Massachusetts.  We would go there several times during the summer.  We loved the Wellfleet area and the seashore is wonderful.

These are 8 x 10 and done very quickly in a loose painterly style.  They started out as studies but a few strokes later they became what I consider to be finished pieces.  I may consider doing a much larger one with the weathered sand dune fence.

Although done in acrylic, I kept the paint very watery which produces a painting that much resembles a watercolor as the overly wet acrylic produces a very fluid and free flowing image.

No. I

No. II

A lovely area of Massachusetts - hope you enjoyed.

JR      :>)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Chamisa Yellow WIP ?????

WIP - "Chamisa Yellow" block-in - I normally begin all my paintings in the same manner - I draw a straight horizon line and then using very watery acrylic paint I loosely  put in elements and directional lines that I might or might not use in the final version of the painting.

"I begin with an idea, but as I work, the picture takes over. Then there is the struggle between the idea I preconceived... and the picture that fights for its own life." George Baselitz

Sometimes I use various shades of gray and other times grays and some of the color I may use in the painting - but like everything else that is open to change :>)

The block-in for "Chamisa Yellow" 9 x 18 is but a loose watery watercolor at this point.  I will say that there have been times that I've gone no further than the block in!  I painted both detailed and loose watery watercolors for 12 years before finding acrylics and some of my block in work I consider a finished watercolor painting.

I have to say I am leaning towards leaving this "AS IS" - it is reminding me of the work done by the "Old Taos Painters" - sooooo off into the corner it goes for further evaluation!!!

Hope you enjoyed this presentation.

JR      :>)

Tropical Stability

Welllll - we are 90% moved into our new home so I carved out some time this morning to do a quick painting. On the Gulf coast of Florida there can be many storms off the Gulf of Mexico that can pound our shorelines. One can see many trees and shrubs of all kinds that take this punishment year after year storm after storm and manage to keep their roots anchored into the sand.

18 x 9 - heavy linen paper - alla prima - Chroma Interactive acrylics - done very quickly with spontaneity in color and form in a loose painterly style using palette knife and brush. 

This will be for sale on my ETSY SHOP in a day or two.
Hope you enjoyed your trip to the Gulf Of Mexico in Southwest Florida

JR  :>)  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Catalina Mountains

The Catalina Mountains make a beautiful back drop for the lovely city of Tucson AZ.  This is done on heavy linen paper in a 10 x 20 format with professional acrylics.  As with most of my paintings, this was done with brush and palette knife in a loose painterly style.  I love the mountains of Arizona and the Catalina range is no exception.

Catalina Mountains - Tucson AZ
10 x 20

My expression of the Arizona landscape is done with lots of emotion and love for this great land.  The colors of the southwest I find to be the most striking and provide to my eyes a depth and range of color I experience no where else.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to Tucson AZ

JR     :>) 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Black Mountain - AJjo AZ

11 x 14 on heavy linen paper - alla prima wet into wet - Chroma Interactive acrylics done in a loose painterly style with gusto, spontaneity and emotion for the southwest.

Hope you enjoy.

JR      :>)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Moving House

Well we have finished building our new home and will be moving in a couple of days.  After we are settled and my new studio is set up I will be updating the blog with some of my more recent paintings. of the southwest and the west coast of Florida.

JR      :>)