This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, December 6, 2015


Hi - I'm been a bit tardy in posting my latest paintings - so I will post several in one posting.

1.  TIDAL SURGE - this piece is 12 x 18 on heavy linen paper and was painted with a 2 inch Purdry angled trim brush I bought many years ago at Home Depot - this is the same brush I use around the house for my house related painting projects - I also used a #18 flat and a #24 flat as pictured below:

2.  Desert Dusk - This is 12 x 16 - a desert scene from the Southwest depicting the beginning of the cycle of sunset time.  The Southwest desert is a beautiful place and at dusk it becomes very quiet and sort of mysterious before the glorious show of color takes over the sky & land.

3.  Coastal Waves - this is 12 x 18 and is a study of the wave action as seen in the area of Florida we live in.  I love the movement in waves - they are very unpredictable as to how and when they "crash" - one can become hypnotized when watching their movement.

4.  Nova Scotia Beckons - we spent a month in Nova Scotia during 2012 when we were on a year long travel adventure living full time in our 31 foot RV.  A beautiful area with a rocky coast line that is nothing short of spectacular!!! 


5.  Rocky Coastline Bar Harbor Maine - we also spent some time in the Bar Harbor region of Maine during our 2012 RV adventure - Acadia National Park is awesome with scenery one can feast their eyes on - a most beautiful area of our country.

Well - this is a portion of my latest work - in time I will post some more of my latest pieces - remember if you have any questions regarding my work - contact me @

JR     :>)