This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Yo my friends,

This past summer while on our 1 year RV journey in which we lived full time in our 31' RV and traveled the USA and Canada, we went up to Bar Harbor Maine for a week and explored Acadia NP.  In this corner of the world the good Lord payed special attention to the creation of this most beautiful stretch of Maine coastline.

This is my interpretation of one of these beautiful scenes.  I  won't be showing as much detail of the development of this painting as the procedure is the same as in previous demos.

I will be using some small brushes for part of this painting, as well as my trusty palette knife and my 2 inch brush for the creation of the sky

I first develop the sky and cliffs with the indication of evergreen trees on the ridge.  This is a loose piece with a touch of semi abstract style to it.

The ocean of course is the Atlantic Ocean so there will be no Caribbean green in the painting!!


The ocean is put in with my palette knife using long strokes of several blues as well as white for blending the blues together as well as indication of waves.

The sand is put in with my 2" bush and reflection of "local color" is put into the sand

With the ocean this active - the "foam & froth" at the shore line needs to be both aggressive and have the sense of rolling and splashing onto the sand

Pretty COOL EH!!!!!



I hope you enjoyed this demo - if you did, drop me an email and let me know - also if you have any suggestions let me know that as well.

Be back in a week or so.

JR    :>)