This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello my friends,

During our recent year on the road living in our 31 foot RV full time, we returned to sections of Maine that we had lived in for quite a few years.  Namely York Beach Maine (Cape Neddick) and East Boothbay Maine.

When living in York Beach Maine I started painting and the first painting I ever sold was of Nubble Light.

This painting was done after doing a couple of "studies" so I could reacquaint my self with the various structures of THE NUBBLE"

First I start with a sketch on a piece of 16 x 20 heavy linen paper  - this is a more detailed sketch then I normally do as it has been many-many years since I painted this scene

Next I throw in the sky painting around the sketched structures - accuracy is not all that important as I will redefine the shapes of the structures as needed after putting in the sky.
You'll notice I put some of the sky color down onto the ground which will give some unity to the painting.

The roof on the light keepers house is a very distinctive RED  so I put that in next as well as the cast shadow from the roof overhang

I now put in the red roof of the porch and the connecting tower building.  The lower portion of the house is added and some cast shadows onto the connecting building

I throw in the indications of windows in the house as well as some reflected local color

I paint in the smaller auxiliary building which also has that distinctive RED roof

Time to start working on the light tower - from top to bottom

OK - time to start wrapping this up by throwing in some "ground clutter" - mostly done by a dry brush technique



Hope y'all enjoy this demo.  I had a blast getting reacquainted with "The Nubble"

Take care and I'll be back again about the same time next week with another demo or just some jibber-jabber or perhaps my views as to why senior citizens such as myself are upset with the course of actions that seem to be in motion by President  Obama.

Cheers my friends

JR     :>)