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This Land is My Land


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'mmmmmmmmm BACK!!!!!

Yo my friends,

Well - another week has passed and before I talk about paintings, I'd like to sound off!!!!  I do that every once in a while so if you don't want to listen just space down to the art section.

The Army C of  E's are releasing fresh water into the ocean which is causing pollution, killing sea life and grasses and in general causing unhealthy conditions to the public.  The Governor does not seem to really care or want to put much effort into stopping this (good luck to his re-election) .

The life line of Florida is its tourism - without it the State would be in shambles.  Tourism is already down and will most likely dip even more during the upcoming winter.  The water at the shore and quite a ways out from shore is murky, dirty, and brownish color filled with dangerous impurities!

I certainly would not knowingly eat any fish caught off the immediate coast East or West!!!!!

OK - I'm done.

I did quite a few paintings this week and following are the ones I most like:

Autumn Local Color No. II
9 x 12 
Palette knife and dry brush

Autumn - Local Color No. III
9 x 12
Palette knife and dry brush

Montana Yellow Mustard Seed Field
6 x 22
Palette knife and dry brush

(This one I have to say is my favorite- not sure if it will be for sale or become one that I keep in my collection)

Autumn - Baie Ste. Paul - Quebec
6 x 22
Palette knife and brush

As some of you know, Melissa and I love Old Quebec - the city and all of the villages and hamlets in the surrounding area.  Baie Ste. Paul is perhaps our very favorite village and the views coming along the hyway into the Baie Ste. Paul area are fantastic.  This is one of our favorite views.
This I must say is very high up on my list of favorites.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this presentation and perhaps even my editorial regarding the pollution of the coast lines of Florida - such criminal actions!!

As always if you have any questions regarding any of my painting processes or any interest in any of the paintings presented - just click on my email at the beginning of the blog and I will respond to you "post haste - forthwith"

Enjoy your weekend and SMILE - it takes less facial muscles than frowning and will save you a lot of wrinkles!!!!

JR       :>)