This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Decision Time Again

Hello my friends,

Once again I am changing the format of my blog.

When we were full time RV-ing I had a lot of followers and my blog would average 2,500 - 3,000 hits per month. Since we had to stop our full time RV-ing the number of blog followers has decreased by more than one half.

This certainly speaks to the fact that the RV journey seems to have been the more interesting aspect of my blog. This is all well and good as I paint for my own enjoyment and if others enjoy my work that's nice but not a necessity.

Therefore starting with this post I am going back to  my format of presenting one painting each week.  There is considerable time spent in preparing a blog posting of many paintings as well as a blog that I try to make interesting for the readers.

So I hope you enjoy the new presentation of my blog.  I think it is a win/win situation as it will take me less time to prepare it and will take you the viewer less time to read it.  :>)

Florida Inland - No. IV - Storm on the Horizon
8 x 18

This is a quick warm up painting to maintain and improve upon my semi abstract loose style

Quick 2 minute sketch of what might be in the painting

I establish a straight horizon line 

I throw in the sky and some sky color down onto the ground 

The finished painting


Don't forget to check out my ETSY shop and my

Check out my ETSY shop as I've added lots of paintings up there to kick off my HOLIDAY 20 % off SALE

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Enjoy your week and I shall return in about one week

JR    :>)