This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mesa Glow

Been doing some real quick paintings in a loose painterly style spending the least amount of time I can do.  This is an exercise I do in order to loosen my style.  I use my 2 1/2 inch brush and palette knife both of which spread paint quickly and loosely.

11 x 14  - acid free heavy linen paper - alla prima - Chroma Interactive professional acrylics done in a painterly style in .20 minutes.


Some people equate time spent to price - a very unscientific thought process.  In order to do this painting in 20 minutes - every painting technique and process I've learned and developed over the past 20 years is employed in the creation of this piece - it is to what extreme these techniques and processes are applied that determines the price.

I pretty much price by the size and complexity of a painting.  This painting is not at all overly complex, rather straight forward and no specialized techniques.  Its selling price would be $85 with an acid free backer - unmatted - unframed.  Shipping cost are additional.

JR     :>)