This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, June 7, 2013


Hello my friends,

This is another painting based on the lyrics of Stormy Stormy Night written by Don McLean after he studied the life and paintings of Vincent van Gogh.

"Catch the breeze and winter chills"
9 x 12 on heavy linen paper - painted wet into wet - alla prima with gusto - emotion and spontaneity both in color and form.

I start out with just the horizon line drawn in

With lots of juicy paint loaded onto a 2 inch sky flow brush I put in the sky using Titanium white, Cobalt blue and Payne's grey 

I keep working the sky with the 2 inch brush using both circular and not so circular full arm motions - this is winter so I want the sky to be somewhat active
I also carry down the sky colors onto the ground with the addition of a bit more white paint

I put in the horizon line using a very dark Prussian blue to give the indication of a distant body of water

I add the indication of some trees in the distance as well as some ground clutter sticking up above the snow

The remainder of the painting will be the addition of more ground clutter as well as shadowing on the snow.  All of this work as well as the work in the above photo is done using the "dry brush" technique with upward strokes as well as "dabs & jabs."

We have a finished painting!!!!


Hope you enjoyed this demo and were able to get some helpful hints regarding my techniques for various processes.

I will return in about a week with another demo.

JR    :>)