This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hi Blog Buddies,

For a while I'm going to change up the content of my blog.  Until now, I've been posting demo - after demo - after demo which is a very time consuming process as I have to stop many - many times during the painting process to capture pictures of the progress of the painting.  The purpose of the demo is to pass along to the viewers the manner and processes I use to develop my paintings.  There of course is nothing magical about the processes I use - most of which are self taught or an expansion of my studies of various painting processes of other artists.  The actual presentation of the demo in and of itself is also quite time consuming.

I always encourage questions from viewers and I provide my email address so I can be contacted with inquiries.  I have to say that this rarely happens so I can only assume if there are people following my blog for the purpose of my demos - they have no questions which to me may mean that I've done a good job with the presentation of my processes. -  or at least I hope I have.  Therefore, for a while at least I'm just going to show you the completed paintings that I do during the week or so between postings.  The last thing I want is for my demos to become Deja Vu all over again :>)

Again If you have a question of how I do something - click on my email address and ask - I'm more then happy to share.

 Quebecois Style No. I  ( in the style of Quebec Canada painters )

     16 x 20 - $170 

Quebecois Style No. II
9 x 12 - $90

British Columbia - Fields of Canola & Lavender
8 x 24 - $135

The Landscape of Truro - Cape Cod
9 x 24 - $145

Trouble In The Plains
4 x 18 - $110

I hope you enjoy these paintings and again if you have any questions or would like to inquiry about purchasing a painting just click on my email at the beginning of the blog and I will respond to you. 

Have a great week.

JR      :>)