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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WEEK OF 7/21/13

Yo my friends,

Well it's been about a week give or take a day or two or three or whatever!!!  :>)

I lose track of time - retired folks do that quite often - they have a clock that shows what day of the week it is - I may get one of these!!!  :>)

Christian Bergeron is my favorite Quebecois artist. Roger Cantin is perhaps my second most favorite - he is know for his Quebec houses which he paints with "melancholic softness" and lots of blue tones in his work. His landscapes do not contain the bright, bold, sassy color of some Quebecois artists however Cantin has been named one of the Canadian Masters.

I have started to study Roger Cantin's work and this painting his based on his style and color with some of my own techniques and style and color put into the piece.

9 x 12

"The Gloom Of Winter" 

Done on heavy linen paper with Chroma Interactive Acrylic alla prima very quickly with gusto - spontaneity and my love for the Quebec countryside.

Quebec Mansard
11 x 14
Painted in the Quebecois Painterly style with some of Roger Cantin's style as interpreted into my style

A Distant Taos NM

6 X 22

This painting was done using mostly dry brush technique and two brushes - below

Waterton Lakes National Park - Canada.  This park  is the Canadian half of Glacier National Park - the two together form what is know as "international Peace Park."

Hope y'all enjoyed these and if you have any questions regarding the paintings just email me - link at top of blog - and I will answer you.

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See YA next time

JR   :>)