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This Land is My Land


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Monday, June 16, 2014

Detail vs No Detail

Yo my friends,

A very good friend is taking up painting again and she loves the detail process of painting.  Whereas I do not like detail at all and am a firm believer in "LESS IS MORE."  My friend would spend hours just working on the fronds of a palm tree whilst I would give a swipe or two of a big brush and let it go at that thereby letting the viewer complete the vision of a palm frond in their mind.  So although I have been painting with her, she enjoys some of my work but of course does not overly care for my style nor me hers.  This is good as we can do our own thing and compare paintings at the end of a session.

 Note:  We both paint the same scene at the same time.

However - I buy sheets of heavy linen paper 18 x 24 and am able to cut them down to whatever size I like.  I prefer to paint BIG --- 18 x 24 or larger such as 24 x 36 and 24 x 48 but being on a fixed income it is difficult to afford those large canvases.

I'm running low on my linen paper so I have been cutting them down to 6 x 12 or 12 x 24 thereby getting more paintings out of one sheet.  I'm enjoying the 6 x 12's as it is giving me a chance to put in what I call "loose detail" such as palm trees in the far distance.  Just an indication of palm fronds but the viewer clearly sees them as palm trees and associated fronds.

I'm having fun with this and of course at the same time conserving my paper usage until such time I can order more.   I wonder if social security is going to get a raise this year?

12 X 6

Palm Grove
6 x 12

Thanks for LOOKIN' 

JR       :>)