This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello my friends


Well ----- time for another blog post - once again I've been painting up a storm so I will display those pieces done this week that I'm liking and consider these to be ones that are for sale if not keepers for our home.

Over the past few weeks I have seemed to lose my desire to do a lot of jibber-jabber which is most likely enjoyed by the majority of the viewers as I sometimes do way too much jibber - jabber so a rest from that I guess is a good thing.

These paintings fall into what my DW (Darling Wife) calls "Soft Paintings"  I also refer to them as "Land Escapes" - some of them are actual places and others are drawn from my mind as places that I would like to be in - just to relax and enjoy the quiet - peaceful beauty.

Cerro Pedernal - Georgia O'Keefe Country
AKA Flint Rock

6 x 18 on heavy linen paper

This area of New Mexico is very beautiful as is most of NM.  If you've ever been there - you can understand why Georgia was attracted to the landscape

"Abandoned "
Ile d' Orleans - Quebec

6 x 18 on heavy linen paper

Access to the Everglades
6 x 18 on heavy linen paper

Seaside Pastures
6 x 18 on heavy linen paper

The Poppy Field
6 x 18 on heavy linen paper

Prairie Reflections
6 x 18 on heavy linen paper

Hope you enjoyed this presentation - remember if you have any questions regarding a specific painting as it relates to the price or the process and techniques used - just click on my email address at the beginning of the  blog and I will send you a reply.

Have a great week end and if the spirit moves me ----- I'll be back next week about the same time with more paintings and perhaps some jibber - jabber.  Being a senior citizen I have a lot of opinions - most of which nobody agrees with - but - I sometimes like to express them if only to piss people off - especially those who have yet to make it to the
"GOLDEN YEARS" - more commonly known as 


JR   :>)