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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013 Blog Post

Merry Christmas Blog Buddies.

I did not know if I would get a chance to put up a blog post during the Christmas Holiday but alas I found some time.

I've started three new series:

Gulf of Mexico in the Abstract

Some painters like to make an issue out of "hard edges" & "soft edges."  I guess there should be a balance of each in a painting - I however paint until it looks right to my eyes.  Edges of an object that is in the distance needs to have edges softer than those closer up.  However this can be controlled IMHO by color &, size - (lighter color and smaller size.)  So I don't pay much attention to the distribution of "edges."  Seems like overkill to me for my semi abstract painterly style and is a constant interruption and distraction in the enjoyment of my painting process.

Depending on what you are painting, "edges" can be important for instance in a portrait they are very important - in a landscape - me thinkith not so important.

I know painters who spend hours going back into a painting for the sole purpose of softening and hardening edges ------ YIKES!!!!!

Following is what I call a "Hardscape" in that the entire canvas is covered with paint - no white of the painting surface showing through as in my "Softscapes."

9 x 12 - single canvas sheet - this painting has "splatter" to provide the compliments to green (red) and blue (orange shade)

Hardscape No. I
9 x 12 

Solitude No. I
8 x 18
Heavy Linen Paper - Dry Brush 
 Alla Prima

Solitude No. II
6 x 18 
Heavy Linen Paper
Dry Brush - Alla Prima

Gulf of Mexico in the Abstract No. I
9 x 12 
Dry Brush
Alla Prima

Hope you enjoyed this posting and that all you folks have a very Happy Holiday Season

JR      :>)