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This Land is My Land


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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Last Traditional Still Life

Hello my friends,

Well - this morning I completed my last "traditional" still life.  Doing detail work fires up the arthritis in my painting hand resulting in severe cramps that can last for days.  I started this one and wanted to finish it.

Pinot Noir 2009
24 x 12

In the future I will continue to do still life but they will be done in a semi abstract loose painterly style done with palette knife and brush and have texture.

Following is a demo of this still life style:

When I paint in this loose semi abstract painterly style I mostly use my arm to control the palette knife and brush - it does not involve fine detail with small brushes which is the action that causes my arthritis to flare up.

I first start out by "sketching" in the components of the still life using a medium size brush - this does a couple of things - it tones down the whiteness of the canvas and it gives me a "road map" to go by.


Next I start laying in some color using a palette knife and brush.  At this point I want to start creating texture on the surface so I apply a lot of paint.  The brush & palette knife strokes are quick staccato type strokes using the full motion of the arm 

Next with palette knife and brush I start putting in more color to identify the light and dark side of the objects.  The light is coming from the left so the left side of objects will be lighter than the right side.  I also start putting in some of the background.

In the above detail photo you can clearly see the "painterly" portions of the painting - a simple definition of "painterly" would be the very visible and deliberate presence of brush and palette knife strokes.  Over time these visible strokes actually can identify who the painter is.  These strokes become the fingerprints of the painting.

I enjoy painting still life so the loose semi abstract painterly style allows me to continue and to be honest I like the "rusticity" and the imperfect image of them as compare to the "traditional" detail still life.

Next I do some tweaks and add some texture to the vase and the fruit.  I do have to say the things I like best about painting in a "NON-DETAIL" style is the texture, the rusticity and the lack of boring exactness.  The painting to my eyes comes alive and has a personality whereas the detail painting has no life is flat and sometimes boring.

Sooooo we finish this one up:

To my eyes the "looseness and the  painterly strokes bring the painting alive - it now has character it says "HEY LOOK AT ME!!"
It is not flat without dimension - it is not boring and it is not a picture perfect representation of a vase and some fruit - it speaks - it sings and most of all it's FUN to do!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little demo and my explanation regarding my interpretation relative to detail painting and loose painterly painting.

JR     :>)