This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Highlights of the past weeks work

Yo blog buddies,

Well, I just keep showing up, and showing up like that pink bunny I just keep GOING & GOING!!!
Had a lot of fun painting this week - quite a few ones that I like enough to pass onto you folks for your viewing and I hope you like them.

I've continued along with my obsession with BOGS so I have a couple more of these for you as well as some local Florida scenes.  There is sooooooo much to paint down here - one could do 5 paintings a day - day after day and never run out of scenes to paint.

While it is still too hot and muggy to plein air paint the Florida scenes are based on my memory of visits to these areas as well as photos.

OK - I'll again be stingy with the jibber/jabber!  :>)

Autumnal Bog No. II
9 x 12  on single heavy canvas sheet
Palette Knife - lots of texture

Autumnal Bog No. III
9 x 12 on single heavy canvas sheet
Dry Brush Technique

A simple design yet loaded with bright-bold color accenting the simplicity 

Autumnal Bog No. IV
9 x 12 on single heavy canvas sheet
Dry Brush Technique

Autumnal Bog No. V
9 x 12 heavy single canvas sheet
Dry Brush technique

OK - now lets move into Florida to the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast where I live with my DW ( Darling Wife Melissa Ann Goodwin) who is a very talented author and will soon be releasing her sequel to her previous novel , "The Christmas Village ." 

The sequel is titled:

Return to Canterbury

OK - now back to me :>)

Clearing over Gasparilla
6 x 12 on heavy single canvas sheet
Dry Brush technique

Gasparilla is a barrier island in southwest Florida to the west of the Gulf of Mexico and the main land.

Semi abstract/abstract 6 x 12 on heavy canvas sheet with gusto - spontaneity in color and form with a touch of emotion for the love of the area we live in.

Lovers Key
6 x 12 on heavy single canvas sheet
Dry Brush technique

I hope you have enjoyed your journey through the Autumnal Bogs and a portion of the beautiful West coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico - a truly beautiful area.

Take care my friends and the good Lord willing I shall be return in a week or so with more paintings for you to view.

JR    :>)

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