This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm keeping my promise

Yo blog buddies,

When I closed out my posting of last week I made mention that the desert was calling and tugging at me again.  I love the desert!!!!  It does not have to be Arizona - as the desert in La Paz Mexico is very beautiful - the desert of Aruba is quite beautiful - the high desert of Taos and Santa Fe NM are also beautiful.  I like the quietness and colors that can be seen at various times of the day and early evening.  We lived in the Sonoran desert in North Scottsdale AZ for 7 years - it was an experience I will never forget - a very happy time.  Some people think a desert is a big pile of sand -----for those who think this ------ I feel very sorry for you as you are missing a lot of beauty - and you know not what you say!!!!

Most of these pieces are semi abstract in style with spontaneity in color and form.

"Reflections in the Bad Lands"
9 x 12 on single canvas sheet
Palette knife

Vermilion Cliffs - Motif No. I
8 x 18 
Palette knife

Sonoran Desert
9 x 12
Palette knife

Vermilion Cliffs Motif No. II
9 x 18
Palette knife & dry brush

Tucson Bound
6 x 18 
Dry Brush

On A Clear Day .....
6 x 18
Dry Brush

Distant Badlands
6 x 18
Dry Brush

Desert Sunset
6 x 18
Dry Brush

The Test Of Time
12 x 9 
Dry Brush

I'm going to close this post out with a painting of the "Giant of the Desert"
The saguaro cactus grow upwards to 45 feet tall ( and taller), with a girth of 10 feet and larger and can live upwards to 150 years.....

For those of you who like to read in between the lines and add a twist to my words - NO we are not entertaining a move to Arizona or the desert.  
At times I do miss the desert and I visit the desert in my minds eye through painting.
I love the ocean as much as the desert and I most love the desert at the ocean such as in La Paz Mexico - perhaps my most favorite place (currently) on this planet.
Sooooo entertaining a move NO !

To me the desert is a very magical place - it can be soft and it can be harsh - the light plays a big part in the beauty of the desert as at times gives a mystique to its surroundings.

Hope you enjoyed this journey into the deserts of the Southwest a place we called home for 7 years and a place never to be forgotten,  - it was a very special time in my life.

Take care and I'll see Y'all next week or whenever the spirit moves me.

JR     :>)