This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


My blog started out as a documentary of our life living full time in a 31 foot RV travelling us USA & Canada.  Medical issues forced us off the road, to sell the RV and establish a place to live.  We ended up in Punta Gorda FL when our RV journey came to an early end so liking it here we stayed!

It's been almost a year and a half now and although our RV journey is but a sweet memory never to be forgotten we find ourselves stationary as most families are but yet not feeling grounded.  We have been enjoying the renting of a nice condo and not missing the maintenance and issues of home ownership but yet over time a void seems to have enter our life.

Simply put from my point of view - if I can't be travelling the USA and living in the RV full time, then I want to have my "STUFF" back!!!!  When we hit the road we got rid of a lot of "STUFF" and we sold a lot of  "STUFF" and we donated a lot of "STUFF!!"  Fact is most of us have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

However that said and I just said it ------- we still have a 10 x 10 storage unit back in Santa Fe NM loaded to the brim with "STUFF!!!!  What is in there?  STUFF we could not let out of our ownership - "STUFF" that was too precious - too sentimental to let go.

Front to back side to side floor to ceiling - STUFF -STUFF - STUFF :>(

Soooo now after a year and 1/2 we find ourselves wanting our "STUFF BACK!!!!"

Soooo we are in the throws of looking at home ownership once again so we can fill up a place with our "STUFF."  Much cheaper to own than rent!!!

Florida is a weird place to buy a house - so we are finding out - LOTS & LOTS of Bank owned property, LOTS & LOTS of short sales, LOTS & LOTS of homes left abandoned and ready for auction.
Most of Florida ( this area at least ) is in a FLOOD ZONE - this requires FLOOD INSURANCE which ain't cheap!!!

Most of the homes we have looked at, although reasonable prices, need $30k to $50k  of needed work before most of them are what we would call livable.  Where are the Property Brothers when you need them????  :>) 

So the search continues and it looks like it may continue-continue-continue :>( 

In the meantime I continue to throw paint and enjoy the quiet life in Southwest Florida :>)

Coastal Waters - No. III
18 x 24 - Brush & Palette Knife

Coastal Waters No. IV - Safe Harbor
9 x 18 - Brush & Palette Knife

Well, hope you enjoyed these 2 pieces.  As a reminder check out the links to ETSY and FINE AMERICAN ART above at the beginning of my blog.  I have a SALE going on in my ETSY STORE which certain paintings are deeply discounted as a pre-celebration to the coming of summer.  This sale will last through 6/21/14.
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These are paintings done within the past few weeks and additional ones will be added during the coming days.

  So HOP TO IT!!!!

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JR   :>)