This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello my friends,

I came across some paintings of Thomas Moran who was a very famous American landscape painter and printmaker 2/12/1837 - 8/25/1926.  The following painting I did using his painting as my model.

16 x 20 

This painting has way more detail than I normally put into my landscapes as most of you know my style is a painterly loose style.  Off and on I do more detail just so I won't forget how to paint it but I don't make a habit of it :>)

Although I enjoy this more detailed style I find my loose painterly style to be way more enjoyable, lots more fun and I like the results better. The paintings have movement - bold - bright - juicy color is of course due to the spontaneity of brush strokes.

As a comparison, I did a painting in my loose painterly style.  This scene was taken from a Karen Margulis painting.  She is a wonderful pastel artist who I study because of her loose painterly style.  She is a wonderful teacher and her blog offers some wonderful material and teachings.

Color Me Caribbean
12 x 24

It is with this style of loose & painterly that I define myself.

Later Dudes

:>)     JR