This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, May 22, 2014


YO - YO,

Well I'm missing the desert once again so it's time to get a fix by painting a desert scene!!

Taos is a beautiful area of New Mexico - a little too cold and snowy in the winter for me, but the other 3 seasons it is an artist's paradise!!  The high desert is one of the most beautiful places to be if you can't be in the low desert.  The plant life is much different than the low desert as most of the low desert plants cannot live in the frigid cold winter temperatures of the high desert.
Taos has an amazing downhill ski center as does Santa Fe.

8 x 24 on heavy linen paper - dry brush - alla prima - color mixing done directly on the painting surface and I use more of a "blending" technique then an actual "mixing" process.  That is to say if I blend 3 separate colors I want all three of them to be visible in the blended result.

8 X 24

With the sun being so bright in this area of NM the colors brought forth by all the mountains, and vegetation is just amazing - from the lightest of pinks to the darkest of blues and greens.


JR      :>)