This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

YO - YO - Again - Again


Still in my Southwest frame of mind but I'm due for a change soon - most likely back into ocean scenes again and maybe a still life or two.

During the early 90's was the first time my wife and I went to Arizona.  She was on a business trip and since I was retired I also went.  For any IRS investigators or snitches out there we paid for my expenses out of our own pocket!!!

During this trip we went up to Sedona and the area had had a major flood a few months prior to our arrival.  We could not believe the damage left behind - massive trees were 50 - 100 ft from their original location next to the creek - massive boulders were piled up in sections of the creek.  An unbelievable site for sure.

Following is a painting just finished which depicts Oak Creek in a more peaceful state.

Creek Side - Oak Creek - Sedona
9 X 18

The red rocks of Sedona are perhaps the most beautiful site I've ever seen.  I love the desert and the warmer and drier it is the more I like it.  Such a beautiful and peaceful place - yes at times very hot - but one does not need to spend all day out there!!!  :>)

Abandoned Desert Trail
6 x 18

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