This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, May 8, 2016

High Desert Callin'

12 x 18 representing the high county landscape in and around the Sedona AZ area.  With this painting I am trying out WSO's - water soluble oil paints.  They afford a great drying time than acrylics do.  Although they allow cleanup with water, depending on the thickness applied they can take 3 - 12 months to dry as they are still an "OIL" based product.  They do however do not have the "OIL SMELL" of standard oil paints which is very refreshing and the cleanup with water as compared to smelly toxic chemicals is a "godsend' to the painting world.

Slow drying time can be a problem for artists such as my self who like to sell their paintings so my next adventure into this medium is to us a product that will speed up the drying process.

My main intention in using WSO's is to allow myself more "plein air" painting time as in Florida & the Southwest acrylics dry almost too quickly - certainly within one hour of being applied.
The acrylics I use ( Chroma Interactive ) dry (cure) slower than most others on the market but in the heat they still dry too quickly in a plein air environment.

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