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This Land is My Land


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Friday, March 25, 2011

RV Show

Today, Friday 3/25/11 my wife and I drove down to Albuquerque - about 1 hour south of Santa Fe and went to the RV show at the Convention Center.  I have been searching on line and looking at various used RV's and of course this has generated a lot of questions:

What type - what size - what features - what make - gas - diesel etc etc.

Well, the trip today answered a lot of those questions!  Since we plan to be full time RV-ers, the length of the RV was the first issue.  After walking thru - sitting - and laying in various length RV's, we agree that the range we feel comfortable with is 29-36 feet.  This is a big range, and if we could find a 32 footer with a layout we like, I sense this would be the ultimate length for our needs.  We like the Class A's better but would be satisfied with a Class C.  It will be important that the RV we select has one if not two slide outs as this provides a lot of additional space in the width of the main living room area.

So while the house has not sold yet, we are one or two steps closer in knowing what we will be looking for.  There will be many more steps to be taken before we find "OUR RV," but we are proceeding forward in a logical manner which is in keeping with a couple of weenies like us! :>) 

Stay tuned as I will update this as more steps are taken.