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This Land is My Land


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Friday, March 4, 2011


Nothing has changed on the RV front as our house is still for sale and although we have had several showings - no offers as of yet.  The RE market in Santa Fe is all but dead and we expect it to take a while - perhaps a long while for our home to sell. 

Our search for an RV is ongoing and I search certain dealers in various states as well as the Good Sam Club.  I base my search on both Class C and Class A Rv's within a certain age range, a certain price range and size range.  There are plenty of used RV's out there and I keep track of the ones that interest us.

Once we do get to the point that our home is sold, we will seek out some of these RV's that fall into our specifications and search results.
Once we find the RV that we feel is for us, we will pay to have both the RV and its components inspected as well as the actual motorized portion of the unit.  Sort of like a home inspection one has done before buying a home.

If any readers have experience in purchasing a used RV, please drop me an email or comment on this Blog - we will appreciate your suggestions as we are new to the Rv world.