This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, August 7, 2015

Cochiti Pueblo Land NM

The Cochiti Pueblo is some 50 miles north of Albuquerque NM and is some of the most beautiful rugged high desert land I've seen.

I use my 2 inch paint brush for this piece and I paint quickly with spontaneity of shape - form and color.  In this type of a  "painterly painting" I have no pre - conceived notion of plan as to the scene.  I basically let my brush and my emotions for the Southwest lead the way.  I get a general concept in my head and I do not stop to readjust or reconsider my direction - I put paint on the brush - the brush leads and I follow.

I throw in a sky and some indications of the beautiful mountains seen from the Pueblo land

Next I throw in some BG indication of "ground clutter" using my 2" brush in an upward motion, loaded with paint

Next I start blocking in color and some ups & downs in the terrain - again the brush moves and I follow - I also bring in some complimentary color

Some refinements here and there and some minor color adjustments

Cochiti Pueblo Land - NM
12 x 18

I have a small container of green paint that I keep adding color to and use for my greens - it starts out with black and yellow mixed and I add to it as needed.  This batch I've had for about 4 months.  I keep it covered and in a zip-lock baggie and it stays fresh and usable for about 6 months.

I use a piece of tin foil for my palette as I blend color directly on the painting surface not on a palette.  In this way the viewer gets to see a multitude of color rather than a mixing of colors into a single mixed color which most often ends up being dull mud!!!