This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Out To The Mesas


This morning I decided to continue my southwest frame of mind.  Being one who has lived in the Southwest as well as the East Coast - ocean side and in southwest Florida - Gulf of Mexico I have a love for both the desert and the ocean.  I am more of a desert person than an ocean person.

This painting is 8 x 20 on heavy linen paper done alla prima with professional acrylic paints.  There is a bit of texture in the painting - especially on the mesas which were done very quickly with my "palette brushes".  These are brushes that I have altered and I use them very much in the same manner as palette knives.

To my eyes the Southwest is totally alive with color - squinting will bring about many colors that you have never seen before and of course spontaneity in painting will bring these colors alive.

This is painted in a loose-painterly style which is a style I am constantly working on and perfecting to the best of my artistic ability.

8 X 20  

I hope you enjoyed 

JR      :>)