This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another slow day

Hi Folks - Today being Tuesday, it is food shopping day and Sam's Club day.  I also had a couple more errands to do - had to buy some bubble wrap and boxes to ship out a couple of paintings I just sold.  I HEARD THAT!!!!  You keep forgetting I can hear you folks and to the smart ass - YES!!!!!!!  my paintings do sell!  Geeezezezezeezz - What a nerve! :>) It just happens that I've sold TWO not ONE but TWO in the last week!!

Santa Fe rarely gets over 85 in the summer and for the past two weeks we have been in the mid 90's - I love heat but a day or two break would be nice.  This past winter we had a 2 week period the wind chill factor brought the temp down to -24 degrees - that was not a dash, that is a MINUS sign!!!! I was praying for warm weather sooooo 6 months later it gets here!

We have another house showing today and I pray it is not one of those Bottom Feeders!!  I'd rather the PB not be interested as compared to submitting an insulting offer.  The thing that irritates me the most is they are so damn PROUD of the fact that they are submitting a low ball offer!  Some even say I don't want to insult you but I realize this is a rather low offer - but it's all I'm willing to pay with the economy and all.  Well slap yourself upside YOUR head and call YOURSELF STUPID!   YOU WON'T BE STEALING OUR HOUSE - NOT TODAY OR ANYDAY!

Now get out of town you JACKWAGON!!!!!

I'm hoping it won't be another bottom feeder PB (potential buyer!)  Elsewise my DW (darling wife) and her DH (darling husband that's ME) will in unison say "BITE ME"

DW and DH is RV lingo - I just love it -  a whole new language to learn.

I guess what we should say to an insulting offer is You can kmela and you can also sybt.  Man would that ever upset them!!!!!  :>)