This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hi Blog Buddies,

Well, being Tuesday it was food shopping this morning as well as Sam's Club.  This is a ritual every Tuesday morning - I'm a very boring creature of habit - mess up my schedule and I'm lost - don't know what the hell is going on!!  This is something I'm looking forward to UNDOING as soon as we hit the RV ROAD!!!  We'll clean RV (house) and do the food shopping whenever we damn well please!!!  Holy Crap I feel so liberated saying that!!

After my chores which I did with a smile on my wrinkled little face I decided to throw some paint at my easel.  It's funny how what you have in mind changes because of this or that or these and those.  I had no idea what I was going to paint, I figured I'd just fly by the seat of my pants and see what developed.  I open up an 11 x 14 canvas panel from its protective wrapping and in looking at it ( I'm always hoping I'll find one with something already drawn on it - like paint by the numbers thingy!!!)  No such luck - however my very observant eyes and rather keen brain noticed that the canvas had a very strong vertical grain so I said to myself - "Self you need to do something in the vertical orientation."  At that very moment what to my wondering eyes should appear?
A ceramic water jug up on top of our kitchen cabinets!!!  Hola water jug!!  Next I spun around in quick fashion ( as I tend to do - as I'm very quick on my feet for my age ) and spotted one of my Native American bowls on the shelf of our our Kiva fireplace.  Hola little bowl!  The bowl is made out of black mica clay which is only found in certain areas and this bowl was made on the Santa Clara Pueblo and is part of my Native American collection.  Like mica, it glimmers when the light hits the little pieces of mica in the black clay.  

I decided to do a brush painting with lots of rendering and color blending directly on the surface.

14 x 11- Chroma Interactive Acrylics done wet into wet with a softness of touch in order to retain the textured surface of the canvas - as well as some dry brushing to give it an aged look.

I just jumped right in and using a small brush I put some outlines and then switched to a large brush for some color onto the canvas - Ya gotta start someplace!  OK here we go!

Not too much commentary here as the excitement of the palette knife and the sounds of the swooshes coupled with the emotion - expression and gusto is not present when rendering.  As you know rendering is not my favorite style as it really aggravates the arthritis in my painting hand.  Funny thing is - after doing a "RENDERING" the spirits are sort of squashed and I go into somewhat of a quiet state.  Of course you already know that I do not talk very much anyways - but after rendering a sort of silence comes over me.  Putting a finger aside of my nose I shall continue!!  :>)

Some detail for those of you who have not yet fallen asleep.  Look close and you can see the grain of the canvas I mentioned.  If you stare at a bright light bulb and blink your eyes very quickly for 2 or 3 minutes and then look back at this photo, you'll be able to see the flickers of mica also.  :>)
I was only kidding stop doing that!!!!

OK -- I'm starting to fall asleep so I'm going to juice this up and paint double time and go take a nap!!

OK, some detail for those of you who are yelling "SHOW US MORE- SHOW US MORE - PLEASE JR SHOW US MORE"