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This Land is My Land


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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well, I got the housework all done and it sure seems nice to have a nice clean house!  Cleaning can be enjoyable as I found that out this past February/March.  I'll digress for a moment as let's face it - it's my blog so I'm the boss of the blog and of myself!  Well after my DW ------- I'm the boss of myself :>) Just kidding - we are equal citizens in our home and we bend where & when necessary - it works out quite well.  OK now the real reason I digressed.  When we were in La Paz Mexico ( Holy Crap I LOVE it there)this past FEB/MAR for a month, the resort where we were renting a condo had all the amenities one could want.  The pool was a negative edge pool with a nice lower and upper covered pool deck.  The covering for the upper deck had a sort of vine growing all over the top of it and of course leaves would fall onto the deck.  There was a very pleasant young woman who would start work at 7am and work until 3pm.  She would sweep up the leaves almost as fast as they fell, and she would do other things like wash the windows on the exercise facility and clean the bathrooms etc etc.  This woman did not stop working from the time she arrived until she left for the day.  She always had a smile on her face and always said Hola.  She did not speak any English - but that smile on her face every day, 6 -- YES 6 days a week said she was very happy to have a job and as long as she was doing her job, she was going to be HAPPY!!!  It would be surprised if she was being paid more than $2.00/hour!!!!  

After we got home, I looked at chores I do around the house in a very different light and with a much different attitude.  I now do these chores with a smile on my face - when I get up on Monday morning (Monday is house cleaning day) -I sing out to my DW " Time to clean the pool deck!"

OK back to what I started to say about 3 minutes ago - (You'll never get that 3 minutes of your life back!!)  Just a minute, I have to space up as I forgot what I was talking about!!

I really do not like pomegranates - messy-messy things - however they make an interesting object to paint - soooooooo here comes a pomegranate!

8 x 10 on canvas panel done with a palette knife and blobs & globs of juicy Chroma Interactive Acrylic paint - done wet into wet with my usual emotion - expression - gusto - rusticity and spontaneity of color - form and movement of arm - better know as SWOOSHES!  Well, we seem to have a blank canvas here.  I'll need to throw some globs of paint onto it - I won't draw any thing as there is not much to a pomegranate!!!

Now -- keep in mind this is only 8 x 10 and I'm using a palette knife and as we should all know by now, a painting moves very quickly with a palette knife!!!

About 3 swooshes later, we have the beginning of a pomegranate.

Excuse me!!!!  You think I went too fast????  I told you it would move quickly - try keeping up with the rest of us - this is not a blog for the lightheaded - oops sorry---- light hearted :>)

Some detail so you can see the blobs and globs of thick juicy paint.

Pretty neat HUH!!!!!  You DA PAINTERMAN JR!!!

OK - I do not have a movie camera or do they call them video cameras now??!!???

That reminds me - a quick story - I went into a music store a while back - quite a while back actually and I did not see any RECORD ALBUMS around - remember RECORD ALBUMS!!!
So I asked the salesclerk "Where are the RECORD ALBUMS?"  She looked at me like I was strange - ME STRANGE- she had about 12 earrings in one ear, a stud stuck into the side of her nose and another one under her lower lip and all of a sudden I'm the one who is strange!!!!
She said "HUH?"  "What is a RECORD ALBUM?"  I tried to explain what they were and let me tell you - her eyes went DEAD on me  - I was going to call 911 - she was just not computing what I was saying.  I left the store!

I would need a video thingie to show anymore progression of this piece so HANG ON it will be a quick TRIP!


Too quick you say - OK I'll show you again!  Pay attention this time!!