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Sunday, July 17, 2011

One of the previous bosses - another story

Well, today is a quiet day. My DW and her visiting friend from AZ returned yesterday from the spa sojourn and went to the Harry Potter movie.  I'm not a Harry fan so I stayed home and ate more ice cream!!!  :>) :>) :>)

Her friend flies out late this afternoon to return to AZ, so we are just kickin back!

I have sooooo many more stories of my 32 year employment in "The Bank from HELL!!"

This is a true story as were all the past ones and is about my boss who had married the OLD MAN's daughter and consider himself to be an actual son of the OLD MAN!!!  He was not and I'm sure you can remember the OLD MAN treated him like crap, so he (my boss) treated everyone twice as bad - like CRAP-CRAP!!

All the sons, nephews and husbands of daughters got many, many more perks ( than they deserved) and one was a company car.  The only relative working at the bank who did not get many if any perks at all including NO COMPANY CAR was the daughter of the OLD MAN!!!  Now I ask you --- does that tell a story about THE OLD  MAN?????

OK back to my boss - the son-in-law ( AKA self appointed adopted son.)

First let me set the scene - It is Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving or as I like to say - Thanksgiving Eve.The bank I worked at is in Massachusetts.  As most of you know, I'm a very quiet person - don't talk a lot and like to stay under the radar.  I also am a private person which is why I lived in Maine and worked in Massachusetts.  I use to hate going to the grocery store and seeing half the people I work with - it seemed like I never left work!!!  :>(  Besides which they don't need to know what I eat and what toilet paper I use!!!

OK - back to Thanksgiving Eve.  My boss came to me around 4 in the afternoon and said I want you to give me a ride to the SAAB dealer so I can pickup my new car.  They don't call them their company car - they call them MY CAR!!!!!!  Of course being the obliging person I am - I said "sure - I'd be glad to".  (I had planned on leaving a bit early it was THANKSGIVING EVE - and it was SLEETING OUT!!)

The salesman who of course was also desiring to get home for THANKSGIVING EVE went through the features of the car rather quickly and I could tell my boss was irritated.
However he did not seemed concerned and it was then that I realized that he was not concerned because----------------HE HAD ME!!!!!  OH CRAP!!

We left the dealership and I said "Have a nice Thanksgiving."  He said "You are coming to my house."  I said "Why would I go to your house?"  He said "because you are going to explain how to work the features of my new car - I did not understand a thing that sales idiot said!"  OH CRAP!!

This of course took a while as I first had to read the owners manual then show&tell the boss idiot what he did not understand from the sales idiot!!  I was getting ready to leave and he said what about my special feature of heated seats???!!!???  OH CRAP!!

I had to read about that option in the manual and showed him how to engage this "special feature."  He said "You turn them on!"  I did and he sat in the seat.  After a few minutes he said "I can't feel any heat - you must have done something wrong - read it again!"
I read it again - and said "I've done exactly what the manual says."  He started to get very angry and said "can't you read something and understand it?  He was getting really pissed at me.  He went to the phone and called the dealership - of course no one answered - I assume they had all gone home as it was THANKSGIVING EVE!!!!!

Finally I convinced him that we could look at it on Friday as tomorrow was THANKSGIVING.  You see I knew this because today was THANKSGIVING EVE.

He said "fine - I'll see you at 8am Friday in my office!"

The roads were quite slippery by now and it took me over 2 hours to drive back to MY HOME in MAINE.  I kept saying over and over again "BUT IT'S THANKSGIVING EVE!!!"

By all that's right and holy I should still be in prison for MURDER!!!!!