This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yo my Blog Friends,

I've spent most of this morning - excuse me - it's 12:19 - so I spent ALL of this morning packing and wrapping my two painting I sold (DID TOO SELL TWO!!) for shipping.  I really do not enjoy this process but it saves the client quite a bit of money so I do it - I don't like it - but I do it!!!

I did manage to do some more cleaning up of my art closet in my studio as I had to find all the packing thingies - tape - etc etc.  I'm cleaning my closet as I figure if I pack up for our move - someone is bound to come along and buy our house.  I'm being very proactive!!!!  :>)  When someone finally does buy it - I'll be able to say "Do you want to move in tomorrow?"

During my cleaning process I found a blank canvas panel 8 x 8!!!!  I thought I did not had any left, and I order 24 of them a couple of days ago.

I digress for just one short moment - it might be for my benefit, so seeing as tho it's my blog - I'm just going to do it!!!!!

I'm thinking of starting a venture (once we get into our Full time RV journey) whereby I will produce small (8x8 - 8x10) paintings that will provide a SPLASH of color in RVs.  I would call this Art 4 RVs.  There is not much wall space in an RV so these little puppies can sit on an easel on a counter top or table top and easily be stored when on the move.  Again - their prime function would be a SPLASH of color and gaiety (if you will!) They will be mostly still life and landscapes.  What do you guys think???

Oh one other thing - they would be very affordable say $25 - $35.  Enough for a Pizza for me and my DW.

OK digression OVER!!!!
Last night my DW and her DH (Darling Husband - that's ME :>) had a discussion about ice cream treats we had as kids.  We both agreed one of our favorites was the creamsicle - orange sherbet covering vanilla ice cream on a stick - they were great!!!!

When I started throwing paint at my easel (after my afore mentioned administrative duties), this is what developed.  I had no idea what I was going to paint so I just let the juices flow.............................

Orange Delight
8 x 8 on canvas panel painted with palette knife with expression, emotion, gusto and spontaneity of color - texture.

YIKES - that all white canvas is blinding me - got to throw something at it!

OK---now I'm getting sick to my stomach!!!!

That's better - now some dorks (Woops DARKS) and lights - WHEW thought I was going to PUKE!

I've got to add some color to this and as I say I'm using a palette knife and what happens when JR uses a palette knife???
NO!!!!  I don't cut myself----- Geeeezzzzzzz somebody has not been paying attention to previous postings!!!  Is this your first day here????

The painting progresses VERY QUICKLY as like one swoosh (love that word) is like equal to 10 dabs of a brush.  So pay attention - do not look away or you'll miss the creation of something that is just out of this----------------------