This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Did not do much today - sort of another slow day of just sitting around on our butts enjoying some time off.  We are very good at doing that - sort of at the level of being semi-professional.  Once we get the house sold and get into our full time RV life, we plan on turning professional! :>)

This morning however I did do a major cleaning of the inside of our car as well as the windows inside and outside.  I cleaned all the leather with armor-all and it looks brand new.  It didn't take long as we have a Mini Cooper so if you move the front seats forward and kneel between the back seat and the back of the front seat you can just about clean the entire interior without moving positions!!!!  The other good thing is I don't have to vacuum it out, I just pick it up and SHAKE IT OUT!!!! :>)

Here in Santa Fe we are not allowed to wash our cars due to the 10 year drought.  Santa Fe has the dirtiest cars in the world!!!!  You can use a car wash ONCE A MONTH - I don't know who watches and keeps count - I guess it is the honor system - YA RIGHT!!!!  A car wash costs $20 - hard to believe HUH!!!!!  I've solved this problem - with the Mini being so small --- I just bring it into the shower with me!!!! :>) 

We ordered some more packing boxes as our theory is "If you pack things up- the house will sell!"  We are packing up all the "extra -stuff" that has for the most part not been used since we moved in 4 years ago!!!! 

Tomorrow is house cleaning day - always on Monday - I wake up and tell my DW "It's time for DH to clean the house!"  I hope to do a painting tomorrow as I'm starting to enjoy this butt sitting and that really is not a good thing!!  So as I now say to most everything TWT now -------- Time Will Tell.