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This Land is My Land


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Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello All,

Today is house cleaning day and after starting at about 7:00 am, and being now 12:05, I've been done for about 3 hours now.  After 2 hours of house cleaning I was going to start a couple of sketches for paintings later this week.  However - have you ever had a feeling whereby things around you seem to give off - a feeling of restlessness - anxious vibes and sort of upheaval ready to happen?  That's how I feel - I don't think it is me, I think it is the energy around me.  So I've decided to park my butt today, do some reading and research on RVs.  It amazes me how many people are buying RVs these days - both new and used.  I've been following 3 RV sites online for about 6+ months now and RVs I was interested in 2 or 3 weeks ago are GONE!!!!!  The inventory on used RVs is getting depleted so I searched for an found a 4th dealer.  This dealer is in Surprise AZ and has a pretty good inventory - so I shall add this to my list.

I've never been one to believe in "spirits - ghosts - beings" - to be honest is scares me!!
However that said - a true story follows which has turned me into a believer and now that I believe HOLY CRAP I really get scared now!!!!

My DW and I bought a 125 year old Victorian home in East Boothbay Maine, over looking (partially) a nice little harbor.  The house was built by a rather famous 4 masted schooner builder.  The house was also inhabited by a sail maker who married the daughter of the schooner builder.  The house had a lot of history to it as well as some sadness - young deaths etc.

The house had started to fall into minor disrepair before we purchased it.  We put all new roofs on as the existing ones leaked like a sieve!!!  We put all new cedar clapboard on as the original 125 year old clapboards were still on the house.  We made other improvements in the kitchen and other rooms.  The last room to be done was the living room or PARLOR as it was called back 125 years ago.  This room had been used for birthing - wakes and segregation of the sickly inflicted family members.  That sounds gross doesn't it!!!

I kept promising my DW that I would paint the last room to be painted THE PARLOR.  The ceilings in the house were 12 feet tall and I was putting it off as long as I could - I do not like heights! That reminds me of a joke!!!  A quick digression:

A pilot for a Polish airline was approaching a NY airport for landing.  He called the tower for instructions and the tower radioed back "What is your height and position."
The pilot responded "I'm 5'8' and I sit up front.""

OK back to Ghostbusters.

One night my DW wife nicely asked "When are you going to get your lazy butt in gear and paint the PARLOR?"  I said just as nicely, "don't worry it'll get done!"  I kept my paint brushes down in the cellar (which also leaked like a sieve!!)  I had a sign on the property NO SPITTING as this in and of itself could cause the cellar to flood!

No sooner had I nicely responded to my DW - we heard a clunk down cellar - something had fallen onto the floor is what the sound indicated to both of us.  OH CRAP what broke or leaked now!!!!!  We went to the cellar door and at the foot of the stairs was MY PAINT BRUSH!!!!  OH CRAP - I'M FRIGHTENED NOW!!!  The paint brushes were kept on a shelf at the opposite end of the cellar - at least 20 feet from the foot of the stairs!!  NO joke - not even the hint of a JOKE!!!  This is NOT FUNNY!!!!!

The name of the sail maker was Charles - my DW wife said "I think Charles wants you to get started painting tomorrow - he threw one of your brushes  over so you'd get the hint!!!!"  She was not the least bit phased by the unexplained "flying paint brush" as she believes in this spirit stuff and now I'm thinking I'm a believer too - HOLY CRAP DO I EVER BELIEVE!!!!!!! :>O


 I got my ladder (and parachute) out the next morning and I started painting the PARLOR!

While painting the PARLOR, several times throughout this process I would feel a faint blowing of air across the side of my neck and cheek (don't get excited - face cheek!)
This was during the winter so no doors or windows were opened!!!  My painting speed hastened as this blowing stuff was creeping me out!!!  I told my DW and she said " Oh that must of been Lectina, (the wife of Charles), showing you her appreciation for painting the PARLOR and of course as I've said before she has a crush on you - I think she was flirting with you!!  HOLY CRAP I"M FREAKED OUT NOW!!!  I've got spirits in the house and a DW who is ON THEIR SIDE!!!!!!!  YIKES!!!!

Other such things had happened in the house prior to this and after this which my DW took to mean that Lectina had a crush on me - I would nicely say "stop that crap you know it scares me!!!"

I'm sorry to say Lectina died ( in the MY PARLOR ) at age 32 from TB.

Several other things happened right up until we sold the house - these other things clearly pointed (proved) to the fact that we were not the only ones in the house!  My DW use to say "There is nothing to worry about - they are friendly spirits!"

We had a neighbor 4 or 5 house away who also lived in an old house and they could hear footsteps in the hallways at night AND someone (invisible of course) would chase the lady of the house UP THE FRIGGIN STAIRS!!!!!!  NO lie - she could hear the noise of the running foot steps, which caused her to take the stairs 2 at a time!!! They ran this home as a B&B and guests would complain at the noisy footsteps in the hall at night!!!

Sooooo long story short - I DO NOT DARE TO NOT BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!