This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well today is Wednesday which as most of you know is my DAY OFF!  Also as most of you know I always seem to do some house hold stuff on my day off - such as today I'm doing the laundry.  My DW normally works on Wednesday but she is home today as she switched work days with someone.  Sooooo not wanting to be in the way, I asked DW what her schedule was for the day.  She is working on another novel for younger children this time and is in the process of going thru it once more for editing.  I've read this novel several times in our proof reading process and I am really excited about it.  It is very much a different type of novel from her first one but it is really-really GOOD!!!

As most of you know her first novel is in the process of being self published by the publishing arm of Amazon.  The interior of the book is all set as far as font - size - spacing etc etc.  At present she is waiting for a re-vamp of the cover from the illustrator.  We suspect that will arrive this week.  I have to tell you that this middle grade novel "The Christmas Village"  is full of suspense - twists and turns and will be enjoyed by "children" of all ages as well as bloggers across the world!!!

When it is published I'll let you know how you can purchase one.

Since my hand is quite stiff and prone to cramping after my "RENDERING" of yesterday, and after all it is MY DAY OFF - and I can do what ever I want to do!!!  Let me  "MAKE THAT PERFECTLY CLEAR!!!

I thought I would do a palette knife painting.  If worse comes to worse I can duct tape the palette knife to my hand!!!  :>)

Some of my blog buddies (your peers) seemed a tad confused as to my term RENDERING as compared to my palette knife style.  So for definition purposes - to me - after all I AM THE ARTIST!!!! - RENDERING is a very careful thought out process of applying paint in a slow methodical manner as to create a more detailed, softer and a more blended painting - at times it also means a very limited palette of color such as the RENDERING I did yesterday in which I only used 4 colors.

Palette knife style is for me sort of SPASTIC in application very often if not most often I think nothing out ahead of time nor do I pre-plan any specific colors - although I'm somewhat careful to use complimentary colors a lot.  This is a painting done with SWOOSHES of the palette knife with a lot of arm movement (from the shoulder) much like a tennis player, and spontaneity - emotion and expression are the key ingredients in both form and color.

Soooooo I said once again to myself - "Self why not do a compare and contrast for my Blog Buddies!"

This is the same size as yesterday ( 14 x 11 ) on the same type of canvas panel - however I've added one more pot.  This is a natural clay pot done by a 92 year old great-great grandmother living on the Santa Clara Pueblo.  This Pueblo is highly regarded for its pottery.  My DW tells me that she was only 82 and only a great grandmother.  Well to that I say Prince Poppycock!!!!  My version is much more interesting and being an artist I have no problem exaggerating!!!!

There will be no show and tell with the creation of this piece - as a matter of fact it is not quite done as I need to throw in a BG and FG - this is not RV lingo but is in fact artist lingo meaning background - foreground.  Oh yes, some highlights would be nice as well.

However that said - it's done enough to compare and contrast.

"Water Jug With Pueblo Clay"
Palette knife application with emotion-expression-spontaneity