This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hi Blog Buddies,

Well it looks like I'll be shipping my ACER crap-o-lla- netbook off to try and get repaired.  I thought of getting up on the roof and throwing it off onto the walkway but will give the warranty repair route a try first.
I'm using my DW's computer - as I've mentioned before, she is a writer and she has a real nice computer which we got for her and her writing - 18 inch screen, which she needs for all her writing and editing.  It's like carrying an "on-board bag" around!  It's has a bigger screen the the first TV I bought myself!!!

First and most importantly, I went on a search for "CREAMSICLES" I'm sure you remember my blog whereby I mentioned these childhood delights.  I'm happy to say that I found some and here is my DW enjoying one!

I'm not use to her computer so this post will be quick.  I decided I wanted to do a palette knife painting - a landscape.  My head is into sky & ground for some reason.  

11 x 14 on canvas panel with palette knife wet into wet - lots of emotion (as I'm quite emotional over my crap-o-la ACER netbook) lots of expression and an over abundance of gusto - rusticity - and spontaneity of color & form.
First of all we need a blank canvas - no pencil marks just jump in - and push forward by the seat of my pants - the story of my life!!

Now we - ( I ) just throw on some color to create a sky - this is again full of emotion, expression and perhaps a tad ( just a tad ) semi-semi abstract.

One has to be careful ( so I'm told ) not to split the canvas in half as this will drive the viewer crazy!!  In this case the sky is bigger than the ground.

I now turn it upside down as this is wet into wet and I find it easier to lay in the initial ground while upside down - NO!!!  Not ME upside down, the painting surface upside down!!!!!  You forget I can hear you ------- I forgot to mention I can also see you-------


This will go quickly now as I'm using only a palette knife so this speeds up the application of paint!!


I have a few tweaks and lights and darks left to do but the entire surface is wet now with very thick juicy paint which will take about 3 weeks to cure!!!  If I went into it now, I would create MUD ----- yes the dreaded MUD!!