This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, I completed the painting that I posted yesterday and I was very careful not to over-work the paint - at least I feel as tho I stopped B4 that happened.  One viewer pointed out that she liked the softness of the piece and yes, softness is something that I find develops from the RENDERING process as compared to at times snappy- jarring - boldness of expressing a subject.

When RENDERING, one tends to use longer more even brush strokes as well as a much softer touch of the brush to the surface and there is a lot more tedious color blending wet into wet directly onto the surface.  Painting expressively is big bold swipes of the brush or palette knife loaded with paint and all you take is ONE swipe and then move onto the next swipe and keep moving and moving and swiping and swiping ------ WHEW------to obtain bright-bold-sassy-spontaneous color with a touch of (I must say) RUSTICITY!!!  :>)  I get all geared up just talking about expressive painting!  :>)

Hope you enjoy the  finished piece: