This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Started a new painting and decided that this one needed to be a RENDERED piece instead of an EXPRESSED piece.  I really do not enjoy the rendering process of painting.  The major reasons being:  It irritates the arthitis in my hand.  A loss of spontaneity in both color and form.  One tends not to know when to STOP and the piece can easily become overworked.  An overworked piece LOOKS overworked and because of this there are passages in the piece that are "MUDDY"  IE: not fresh, brilliant, bright, bold, sassy color.  Of course I have to mention here that a portion of RUSTICITY  is lost and since I really-really love this word - that is just not acceptable!!!!

These are two Bosc pears that became my lunch when I was happy with the way they were rendered.  I'm still working on this as something has to happen in the background and some tweaking of the pears & pot are in order.  I have a sign taped to my easel that reads;  DON'T BE STUPID AND OVERWORK THIS!!!


18 x 18 on Heavy Linen Canvas paper with Chroma Interactive Acrylics induced with Impasto Gel - not for texture but for Opal shine.

Once again I throw some color around so the white of the surface will not blind me - my eyes are old and tired - 

Some color onto the pears to provide that all important road map so I get an idea of where I'm going with this - as right now I have no clue!!

Some more color onto the pears and I now start to develop the shape and color of the pot - in real life the pot is white - so now I have to think what would look good - I don't like to think when I paint - I just like to paint with spontaneity, but that does not happen when rendering!!!!

I started out thinking the pot would look good sort of a white-ish grey - however it did not appeal to me so in mid stream I went to blue-ish which is the compliment of the orange tones of the bosc pears.  Sometimes I amaze myself!!  :>)

Some more detail and color and shine on the pears - I keep glancing at my sign - warning me not to overwork this!!!  It is soooooo easy when rendering!!

I throw in the beginning of a foreground as well as some shading on the shade side and bottoms of the pears.  Yes - Yes I'm being careful not to overwork!!!  Jeeezzzz!!

I need to put more shadow under the pears so they will not look like they are floating, as well as some additional foreground work and some background work.  I like what I call "dancing light" and movement in the FG.  The BG is another story -- by the time I'm done with the painting, I always put the BG in last as I feel it needs to pickup some of the subject color and I'm not always sure what this will be, so I leave my options open.    Blah-Blah-Blah--- Who am I kidding ---It's called procrastination!!

Finished piece another time - for another post - stay tuned.