This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Well, today is a play around day - playing with new techniques, different applications of paint and mediums and just plain having fun - HEY!!!  I'm entitled!!!
Being a starving artist, materials are expensive and I hate to waste anything.  "Waste not - want not"  Or as a person once told me - his son was not eating his supper and the father said "Eat!!!!---there are children in foreign countries starving ---- his son said "Oh ---- really --- name one!!!"  :>)  I have not always been an artist so there were times when the food was plentiful and that was really nice - it's when I worked for a living! :>) 
I remember Mr. Rogers saying "You can be anything you want to be!"  I went to my father and said "I want to go to Argricultural School and become a Florist!"  What did I know???
My father said "Only stupid people go to Argricultural School!"  I said "YAAAAA what's your point?"  So I ended up working for a Bank for 32 years and hated every minute of it.  Sooooo all you kids out there - when it comes to your vocation - don't listen to your parents - FOLLOW YOUR HEART!! Being a starving artist is just fine with me - it's kind of COOL!!!
All kidding aside ( I was not kidding - it is a true story ) however----- on occasions - very, very rare occasions :>)  A painting does not come out quite the way the artist would like - I like to think it was defective paint :>() !!  I recently had one such painting and decided to re-purpose the canvas panel and give it a 2nd life.

Following is a pictorial of that process with a lot of Blah-Blah-Blah thrown in to try and trick you into believing that I really know what I'm doing!!

The first thing I did was to coat the existing painting with a medium called Modeling Compound.  This is a very thick product which is best applied with a palette knife - which I did with gusto and rusticity putting the presence of a sky and ground area.
Below you can see the gusto by which the medium was applied.

Next I very, very quickly applied grey-white-blue paint wet into wet in a very sloppy fashion - with no regard for sky or land.  Did you know that in real life the colors from the sky really do reflect down onto the ground?  Trust me they do.
The good thing about this is----if you think the bottom portion looks like a better sky, you can just turn the canvas upside down - always thinking ahead!!!  

Close up of sky detail

Now I start throwing in some ground objects and color as well as the indication of a rushing stream.  The ground cover is intended to represent autumn or I guess it could be the waining of winter - which ever you like - you select which you would rather it be.


It took forever to load this up onto my Google Blog as a week or so ago Google Blog had a problem and it has not run correctly since.  I don't think 
google offers much support to this product which is a shame - soooooo we just take what we get and live with it.  It's FREE!!  :>( 
It took me longer to load it onto Google than it did to paint it Grrrrrrrr :>(