This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, May 30, 2011


Hi Folks - well today is Memorial Day - my wife is working at the yoga studio - yoga folks do not know one holiday from the next!!  When it's time to do yoga - it's time and it does not matter if it's Christmas morning!

Sooooooooo today is a day for me to play around - NOT THAT WAY!!!!!!  I'm talking about playing with paint.  I plan on doing a lot of plein air painting once we are in our RV and travelling around the USA - Canada & Mexico.  It is not just landscapes that can be painted plein air - nope - trust me on this one!!!  I love to do still life work outside (plein air) and since I mostly paint fruit I can use the fruit for my lunch - which goes along with my theory of waste not want not!!!

There is not a lot of wall space in RVs, so I started thinking - which for me can be an all day task - and most always ends up with a headache :>) and I decided to see what I could create in an 8 x 8 format that might give a shot of color to an RV kitchen!

A quick trip to the kitchen produced a nice red bartlett pear - not a red anjou, but a red bartlett!!!  You ask what is the difference------- be dammed if I know!!!

Today is a very nice day in Santa Fe - a tad windy again :>(  but our front courtyard is sheltered and has a great view of the Sangre de Christo mountains sooooooo out to the courtyard I go with painting supplies and my new found red bartlett!  This will be a very quick painting, using about 4 colors, a palette knife and a swoosh here a dab there and a couple swooshes here - there and YES everywhere!!!  When done in about 15 minutes, I shall sit - look at the mountains and inhale my red bartlett pear!!!!  :>)

A quick outline of a pear and slop on some paint with no regard to staying inside the lines - this is going to be done with expression - emotion, and yes rusticity with spontaneity if not spastic movements of the arm!!!

I'm using a palette knife so this paint is going on thick - which is something I was told by a PRO - use paint like you are a millionaire!!  I'm not - but I do!!

Once again I will not bother you or try to impress you with the Blah-Blah-Blah and all the artist talk that just really means - just keep putting paint on until it looks right - to you the artist.

Well, I think we have a painting - as I said this would be quick - the surface is only 8 x 8 so how long can one drag out the painting process?????  Since it is done with a palette knife, one swoosh of the knife is equal to about 5 or 6 brush strokes!  :>)
Besides which I'm done using the pear as my subject matter and I'm hungry - so I shall say goodbye for today and shortly it will also be goodbye to the pear Hmmmmmm good!!

Following are a couple of detail shots to give you an idea of the thickness of paint and the quickness of swooshes in order to create emotion, rusticity etc etc - all those other words I used above.
I have a few "tweaks" to do (tweaks are the fixing of tiny little mis-swooshes) which when fixed will present a better visual for the viewer.  I have to wait until after lunch, as the paint is very thick and still very wet.