This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi Folks!

Today is a day that just got away from me.  Tuesday is for me always (creature of habit) the day for food shopping, Sam's Club and other minor errands.  So I normally do not get to my easel until after lunch and I'm a morning person and a morning painter.  The snow scene I did yesterday after posting it on my blog, I put it up on a web site that I belong to and post most of my work.  It was received very well and one person from Canada said they were disappointed at a winter scene as the part of Canada they live in had tons of snow this year and a very wet spring.  WELL EXCUSE MEeeeeeeeeee!!!! :>)

She also went on to say that she understood my comment regarding the wild fires and the associated smoke and could agree to a scene with clean crisp air.

So this afternoon I threw (literally) together a summer scene.  Up in the Sangre de Christo mountains which are quite near and very visible from our home, there are at least 150 Gazillion aspen and pine trees.  Trust me as that is a very accurate estimate!!!  I took accounting in college!! :>) 

The forest is so thick and so over-grown, (these wild fires will fix THAT!!!) that there are sections that very little light penetrates and sections that the sky is barely visible.  Very beautiful - quiet - and I love it up there.

Sooooooo once again we have a very, very quick painting that did not have progression photos done, as there was no progression it was simply "slam-bam-thank ya"
Blobs and Gobs of thick juicy paint scooped onto the blade of my trusty palette knife and before any of it could even start to dry - badda bing, budda boom DONE!!!

8x8 on canvas panel done with lots and lots of emotion-expression-gusto-rusticity and spontaneity of form and color.  If the only art you appreciate is Realism - WARNING-WARNING-WARNING DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!!!!