This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm working on two paintings using a medium. I never use mediums but decided to see what they are like. The medium I used was Chroma Atelier Impasto Gel. This is a thick acrylic gel used for more exaggerated structure and texture. I mixed the gel directly into my Chroma Interactive Acrylics. The gel also provides greater brilliance - transparency and gloss.
As an independant contractor paid by Chroma Inc. USA, I gave a demo at a local art store here in Santa Fe. The demo provided an insight into Chroma Interactive Acrylic products. Chroma was good enough to supply me with various samples of their products to test. I have written articles reporting on these tests for:

I will be submitting a two part article reporting on my recent use of these two mediums. The first article will talk about the Impasto Gel and the 2nd article will address my use of the Modelling Compound medium.

24 x 18 on heavy linen canvas paper painted wet into wet - alla prima - with gusto, rusticity and spontaneity in color and form.

"MERLOT 2006"