This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi Blog Buddies,

Well this afternoon my DW Melissa has a book signing and surrounding it is some excitement!!!  Through Melissa's involvement in Yoga, 4 years ago she met and became friends with the star of Love Story - none other than Ali MacGraw!!!!  OH YES - NO LYING GOING ON HERE!!!

Ali will be at the book signing this afternoon.  I made some brownies to add to the refreshments and I've also been designated the official photographer!!!!  :>)

One never knows, I could end up getting an offer to be the personal pastry chef or photographer for Ali MacGraw - WOW!!!!!  :>)

YO - the lady in the first row middle seat - you are right that will never happen!!!  Thanks for shattering my day dream!!!!!  :>(

Soooooo with all the excitement, there will be no painting today!!!

We went to Sali Beauty Supply yesterday, bought a professional pair of barber clippers and tomorrow will be the chopping off of the 11 year old pony tail and in its place a Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz cut!  Being a creature of habit, this is a big step for me!!!!  The way I figure it - if I don't like it - I can let it grow back in - (I hope!)

I went to Sam's club the other day and almost bought a supply of shampoo - WHOOPS - no need with a Buzzzzzzzzzzz cut - I've already saved $15!!!!!  Over the course of a year - that's $60!!!!  At $20 per month for a hair cut - over the course of a year that's $240!!!  The clippers cost $90 so only a 4 1/2 month pay back.

The first year savings is $210 and that equates to approx. a 5 day stay at a nice RV park or even a longer stay at a nice National Park!!!!!!

HEY - BOZO in the 3rd row the word is not CHEAP - IT'S FRUGAL!!!!!

CHEAP is that suit you are wearing!!!!!!!  HAR-HAR-HAR!!! NOW GET OUT!!!!

OK my friends I'm off to get dressed up nicely so Ali does not think I'm some Yahoo with a pony tail!!!!

JR  :>)