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Sunday, October 16, 2011


During the past year my DW, Melissa and I have had a slogan regarding the purchase of our RV.
That slogan was "WE'RE DO'IN IT"

Well-Well-Well -  that slogan has changed to "WE DID IT"

We arrived at the NEXUS RV Executive offices in Elkhart Indiana at 9 am Friday 10/14 and stayed until 1:30 - went to lunch - returned at 2:30 and stayed until 5:30.  During that time period - close to 8 hours, we were taken on a tour of the manufacturing facility and the show room by the President of Nexus.
The President Claude Donati escorted us through the construction of an RV from the time the chassis is delivered until it rolls out the opposite end of the factory as a finished RV.
I have been researching NEXUS RVs for 6 months now and my research showed that they were a strong-well managed company.  It also showed that the NEXUS RV was an extremely well built RV.  Well, after our tour and examining the exterior top to bottom, side to side and the interior top to bottom and side to side, what I observed was:
The NEXUS RV was not only what my researched found it to be BUT - the NEXUS RV was in fact much more than my research showed - it was SUPERIOR to what my research show - it in fact simply stated is, FANTASTIC in every way - a SUPERIOR product - well built with many-many innovative-state of the art techniques & construction processes inside-outside-top-bottom-and sides.
  We met workers at each station of the construction process who had 15-28 years experience in building RVs for other long time RV manufacturers who did not survive these economic times.  The experience level at NEXUS is outstanding.  As Claude explained, they are using "just in time production techniques" - such as the Toyota production model uses - make it in house if you can do it better and more cost effective and outsource when you can't - do not bring in product until you need it.  NEXUS uses local vendors and suppliers - developing strong loyal relationships within the community.  Examples of this are the local Amish cabinet makers who craft the solid wood cabinets and use metal slides - NOT the plastic ones attached with staples.  The solid wood cabinets are constructed with solid tongue and grooved and glued joints.  A local furniture maker produces all the couches, dinette seats etc - what better quality control could one ask for!!!  All inventory is stored inside climate controlled buildings, not piled up outside in a storage area or up against the building.  I have never seen such a well organized production line, not to mention neat and clean.  The entire operation was just unbelievable in terms of organization and the dedication of the workers was amazing.  The workers are not on piece meal so they care about what they are doing and what they are producing - they are not just pushing thru as many widgets as they can in order to get a pay check.  Non-piece work equates to QUALITY! 
Watching the workers assemble their various parts of the whole piece, I'm standing there looking at one-piece fiberglass residential showers, residential microwaves- just to name a few of the quality products used in the process.  The roof for example is light weight STEEL trusses as is the studding with in the walls.  The insulation is rigid foam - so much better than fiberglass bats.  Better insulation and it also adds stability to the wall structure.  The underside of the RV has yet to be rated for R-value but the owners feel it will exceed the industry standard.  The roof is a one-piece fiberglass roof which have very healthy pitch to each side.  There will not be any standing water on these roofs!!!!  The light weight steel used in this innovated production adds but a very small amount of weight to the overall RV.
 I have never seen such a well organized production line not to mention neat and clean.  The entire operation was just unbelievable in terms of organization and the dedication of the workers was amazing.  My DW, Melissa and I have never more happily written a check for a down payment - it was a complete joy to write this check!
In my opinion if you are looking for an RV - one of superior quality and professionally constructed using some of the most innovated processes in the marketplace today, you would be remiss in your search if you did not research the NEXUS product line.
From the owners - Claude Donati and David Middleton (who both have very extensive backgrounds and successful histories in the RV industry), to the professional and talented craftsmen who create this product I do not think you could find a more professional team nor a more professionally constructed product.
We have completed a sales order & agreement for a 31 foot Class C Phantom RV with a living room slide out 10 feet long by 2 feet deep.

Our RV will go into production January 2012 for delivery March 2012.
 Very,very,very exciting!!!!  WE DID IT!!!