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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well several folks have inquired into my comment about getting run over by a car!  Therefore I have decided to let you guys in on the story.

My parents were in many ways over-protective of us kids.  At some point in time - I seem to remember it was about the time of my being in the 4th grade, I was allowed to walk to school by myself!  OH WOW --- I'm a big boy now!!!

My mother gave me some instructions just prior to my first "WALK ALONE!"  She said "Now remember to count to ten before crossing the street."  They gave you instructions like this back in the olden days!  :>)   However as well intentioned as that was --- what she forgot to say was "and count to 10 LOOKING BOTH WAYS before crossing!"

Long story short I looked to the right - counted to 10 just as I was instructed to do and proceeded to walk out into the street!  BAM-THUD-SCREECH!!!


No friggin surprise I realize now but then - DUH!!!!  Both of my shoes were ripped off during the impact - I got up ran like a crazy person and found a hiding place in the basement of the school.  I proceeded to count my fingers and toes and rub my hands on my head expecting to find a gashing wound spurting buckets of blood!

Longer story shorter - the fellow who hit me had seen me run to the school and of course a search party was organized and after what I remember to be an eternity, they found my hiding place.  I was taken to the hospital - checked out and deemed not to be injured other than pride and a few scrapes and of course shoeless!

Now the good part.  It seems the fellow who hit me or as he testified I WALKED INTO HIS CAR --- owned a shoe store - how lucky can one little kid get!!!!!!

Soooooo longer story shorter - he gave me a new pair of shoes and since I was trying out for little league baseball, he gave me a pair of rubber spike baseball shoes!!!!  It was like I won the lottery!!!!

My parents of course were worried but at the same time happy to have save the cost of new shoes and an added bonus of a new pair of baseball shoes!!!!  :>)

There it is - my story of getting run over by a car.  From that point on everytime my mother told me to do something ------- I question the logic of it and tried to 2nd guess if any instructions had be left out!

Have a good day my friends and stay on the sidewalk!!

JR  :>)