This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, October 31, 2011


Good Day Blog Buddies,

Well, this morning I took my DW to work and then I went food shopping.  I KNOW!!!
It is only Monday and I always do the food shopping on Tuesday!!!!!  As I mentioned before, I'm trying to be less of a creature of habit and more of a free spirit and do what I do when I do!!!  :>)

After food shopping I had to go to Sam's Club and then to our storage facility to get a couple of things out to use in the UNIT ON THE HILL.  I also stopped at the local art store and picked up some much needed paints.

I have not mentioned ED (my plein air easel) lately as he has been behaving quite well - until this morning!!!!  I started a very quick painting after all my errands were done and I of course was working with vim & vigor!  ED seemed to feel he was being bounced around a bit too much and started to complain!!!  I hate COMPLAINING!!!!!
So I asked Ed if he would like to go plein air painting with me at the Grand Canyon?
ED - too quickly responded YES without thinking so I said "ED - I have a little story to tell you."  I said "ED--on average each year 2 and 1/2 people fall into the Canyon!!!  If you have any complaints to register, perhaps we could change that statistic to:

2 1/2 people PLUS ONE EASEL!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say ED had no complaints and said "JR---- PAINT WITH AS MUCH VIM & VIGOR AS YOU WANT!"  He also suggested that we skip the painting trip to the Grand Canyon :>)

Soooooo now that ED is all squared away - this is a very, very, very quick painting done on 9x12 rolled canvas, using a palette knife with shooshes of globs and blobs of thick juicy paint applied with expression, emotion and spontaneity in color and form.  In other words ----- ME being ME!!!

Some detail for the detailed oriented blog buddies - God love ya!!!!

Enjoy the day my friends.

JR  :>)